Birthday Brunch

Since my fiance is becoming quite the foodie, so it was only fitting that on his birthday, we head to a restaurant guaranteed to deliver delicious cuisine. Kingfish Cafe is a restaurant serving up Southern food and hospitality, in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle. The perfect spot for a sunny Saturday brunch. Dining here was a subtle flashback to our recent trip to New Orleans and the glory that is Southern food.

The brunch at Kingfish amazingly rich and filling - so if you go, definitely go hungry! We ordered the crabcake dewey with herbed hollendaise and good glory grits for the birthday boy. All in all, a great start to a great day.

B enjoyed the rest of the rest of his birthday inviting a few friends over to hang out, juggling a few rounds of cornhole in our yard with the March Madness tournament. As dusk settled in, we ordered pizzas and headed to our local watering hole for some Big Buck Hunter and shuffleboard. This was literally his perfect birthday; easygoing afternoon, sports, and good friends.
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