Saturday Snooze

+ intrigued by the concept of blender lemon pie

+ the hardest things (necessary) things to say to your kids (and if you haven't read her book, please do, it's exceptional)

amazing news out of Iceland, if only the US could follow suit

+ ever had golden syrup banana dumplings?! I guess they're a popular favorite in Australia.

+ why is that so many men in politics don't know about how a uterus works

+ kind of loving these jeans

+ all the best places in NYC - makes me want to get back there!

+ loved perusing this new, family-oriented, vegetarian cookbook

Have a great weekend!

Quote of the Week

"Motherhood has a very humanizing effect.  Everything gets reduced to essentials."
~ Meryl Streep

Dinner Last Night: Slow Cooker Korean Tacos

Crockpot for the win - yet again! These Korean pork tacos were a hit with my family, and pretty darn easy. Just chopped up matchstick carrots, Persian cucumbers, cilantro, and a little cabbage slaw, and pack in a tortilla. The perfect amount of sweet, spice, and crunch. 

Dinner Last Night: Lamb and Mint Flatbread

After bookmarking this recipe and deciding it was a little too complex for a weeknight meal, I found a simplified version a la Rachael Ray which was just as tasty!  The yogurt + sauce + cuminy lamb + flatbread made for a delicious combination, which my kids devoured as well. Dinner for the win! Now this tabbouleh recipe I paired with it, that's another story, not a hit at all...Way too lemony. 

Anyone have a great, simple tabbouleh recipe?


Quote of the Week

“If all you did was just looked for things to appreciate, you would live a joyously spectacular life.”
― Esther Abraham Hicks


Friday Fun

+ check out my post on children's audiobooks over at!

+ intrigued by this ayervedic stress busting nightly concoction for better sleep

+ trying to cut down on my sugar intake, but these brownies have me wanting to postpone that endeavor

+ excited for this new cookbook, except I'm like #99 in line at the library!

+ a great, refreshing, and healthy salad for summer

+ one of my favorite YA books is now a movie

+ I love this new way to beachcomb with your kids

+ the Japanese secret to a longer, happier life

+ the invention of the beach read. always a good idea!

+ ever heard of Trancoso, Brazil? Sounds magical.

+ also on my list - Nantucket!

+ growing a minimalist wardrobe go-to guide

+ a unique pie for summer

What are you up to this weekend?


Dinner Last Night: Tofu Tikka Masala

This is one of my new favorite crockpot dinners - it's so easy and delicious. When making for my family, I omit the cayenne pepper, and my husband and I just add it in to our preferences. We serve over coconut rice and alongside Gwyneth's Indian creamed chicken from her It's All Easy cookbook.  An easy Indian dinner for the win!

Quote of the Week

"My dream bench's handles are like mood rings and the rest of the bench is filled with encouraging words that would make anyone smile."
~ Eva Gugsa



Can you guys believe it's June?!  Where has 2019 gone, seriously!! We're full swing into end-of-the-school-year mode around here, and it's bittersweet as my oldest is finishing a 3-year chapter at her beloved pre-school. We're sad to move on from dedicated teachers and dear friends, but excited for what lies ahead. What are you up to this week?

+ thinking about starting this show while waiting for this debut this weekend

+ just purchased this delightful baking cookbook, excited to dive right in!

+ devouring back-episodes of my favorite podcast

+ just started this new book for my book club

+ intrigued by this Harry Potter news

+ bookmarking this sweet treat for a summer night