Trick or Treat...or Tweet

Modern day trick-or-treating compliments of the New Yorker.
Kids are porch hopping for candy while
their parents are checking their phones.

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween my lovelies. It's a brisk, clear day here in Seattle, perfect trick-or-treating weather. Today I spent the morning recovering from yesterday's tough loss. My girlfriends and I tailgated like champs in the pouring down rain - followed by a game that was a soggy, ugly mess, but we had fun nonetheless.

This afternoon we scrubbed the house - a "fall cleaning," if you will, followed by an afternoon of relaxation, football, and munchies, as we wait for nightfall to descend and the emergence of trick-or-treaters. Happy Halloween!

What are your Halloween plans?

Best Halloween Eats


Trick or TREAT

A frappucino might just be the cutest Halloween costume ever!

The Facebook Movie

I just realized I never blogged about the last movie I saw - The Social Network, which despite actually knowing the title, I find myself consistently referring to as "The Facebook Movie." I didn't have high expectations for this movie, but I was entertained throughout and pleasantly surprised. For a movie all about computers, the plot was engaging, and the characters while not likable in the slightest (sans Eduardo), were well cast. (For anyone who's seen it, were the Winkelvoss twins not the dreamiest boys ever??).

The bf and I did a date enjoyed our dinner & a movie date night, dining at our fave burger joint, Red Mill Burgers, and then off to see the flick. Overall, I was very satisfied with the movie, I would even go so far as to say I'd even see it the theater. And, it was an interesting vantage point for those of us who are members of facebook, a modern-day history lesson of sorts as to how we all got on there in the first place.

World's Coolest Penthouse

Is this not the world's coolest penthouse? It's like a geometrical wonderland, and it's all atop Seattle's very own Smith Tower (which back in 1914, was the tallest building West of the Mississippi!). The penthouse, affectionately known as "The Lighthouse," resides in this mostly commercial building as the tip-top residence, 462 feet above Seattle. What a way to grow up!



Dinner Last Night: Butternut Squash Carbonara

It's blustery here in Seattle, and with the chilly air, the pelting rain, comes the need for comfort food. Hence, it was carbonara night at my house. But not just any carbonara, butternut squash carbonara - yum! I made this recipe via Closet Cooking (one of my absolute fave cooking blogs), and it turned out sublime! Even better - leftovers for school tomorrow.

Pumpkin Patch + Carving

Two weekends ago my bf and I took advantage of the gorgeous October sunshine and ventured to the local pumpkin patch. It was apparently a popular Sunday activity as the patch was teeming with small children, but we moseyed through the rows and picked two supremely perfect pumpkins (in my humble opinion).

We didn't get around to carving the pumpkins until last week - but here they are! Mine is the cat, his is supposed to have crazy eyes sticking out it's tongue, though we thought it kind of ended up looking like a lunatic with a goatee. Go figure! Good times pumpkin carving!

Halloween Woes

It's a week before Halloween and I have no idea of what to be, and time is quickly running out. And, I've been so busy with parent-teacher conferences that I haven't even had a chance to stop into a local costume store to take a gander at the slim pickings still left on the rack. (Insert heavy sigh here). I need some serious help! Any ideas on quality costumes can I throw together without spending a ton of money?

I just can't be that teacher who comes to school without a costume on Halloween!


Happy Weekend

Finally Friday yet again. This week has zoomed by quicker than most, and this weekend I'm heading out for a quick girls getaway with some close friends from college. Looking forward to quality time with some of my favorite people! Have a fabulous weekend!


Quote of the Week

"Never let the odds keep you from doing what you know in your heart you were meant to do."
-H. Jackson Brown Jr.


Dinner Last Night

Since my CSA delivery arrived today, it was the perfect opportunity to use some of my fresh local ingredients to make a festive fall soup - Tuscan Bean soup a la Emeril. Honestly, this soup was surprisingly easy. I got home late after a long meeting and wasn't feeling like hovering in the kitchen for a long period of time.

I did deviate from the recipe a little... I didn't have any panetta on hand, and I didn't have all 3 bean varieties so I just used the cannellini beans I had and substituted in black beans, and it turned out just fine. In my opinion, the fresh herbs and tomatoes contributed the most to the rich, hearty flavor.

The best part - leftovers for lunch tomorrow! Woo hoo!

What An Animal!

Cutest baby animal hats ever!
I think the lion is my fave.

Letters to Juliet

My most recent Netflix movie was Letters to Juliet, starring Amanda Seyfried. I'm a sucker for a romantic comedy (even the ones that are entirely predictable off of a 3-minute preview).

Well this movie was totally predictable (as expected), but was light, enjoyable, and easy to watch. My favorite part was probably the setting itself. The movie took place in Verona, home to Juliet's balcony, a place where girls leave love letters or tokens of loves lost for Juliet to answer. Who knew?

Basically, what this movie reaffirmed for me is...that the next time I return to Italy, I definitely need to explore some new cities, Verona being one of them. And if and when that time does come, I'm sure I could whip out my high school copy of Romeo and Juliet and brush up on my verses OR just fancy a visit to Juliet's balcony and see the literary landmark in person.

Behind the Scenes: Mad Men

Loving these behind-the-scenes photographs from the set of Mad Men via Rolling Stone. Take a stroll through Betty and Don Draper's world for a day; the dashing suits, power lunches, and high-heeled glamour. Would you want to live in their world?

Fonduing It

I just inherited a lovely fondue pot. However, having never actually prepared fondue myself, I'm a bit bewildered as how to proceed from here... As I stare at my newly acquired fondue pot, questions bubble up around me, What temperature do you cook fondue at? What is the ideal cheese fondue recipe? Is there a protocol for cleaning?... Help!

(Also, for the record - I'm equally interested in creating cheese or chocolate fondue. Who doesn't love both, right?)

Have you ever prepared your own fondue pot? If so, what is your recipe du jour. I know I could easily google the answer, but I always find blog comments sometimes have a bit more presence and helpful hints than an obscure website. Please send your fondue vibes my way!

Photo Op

A very candid, perfect pose of my little darling Jenga. She is not your average cat, as you might be able to gather from her glamorous sitting position. Thought it was good humor for the weekend!

Love the Weekend

So excited for the weekend to begin! Tomorrow two of my good friends are getting hitched - congrats to Alex & Anna! Can't wait for the big day. Sunday, I'm going pumpkin picking and apple cider tasting with my boy, followed by dinner with Dad. Should be a fun, festive fall weekend!

What are you up to?

Fill in the Blank Friday

The first thing I do in the morning to start my day is check my email, blogs, and eat breakfast (or when I'm running late, opt for the drive-thru Starbucks).

2. Today I wish I was cruising the streets of Paris

3. If I had an extra $100 in my bank account today I'd buy that lightweight jacket I have my eye on

4. Tomorrow is my good friends Anna and Alex's wedding!!

5. Two things that don't go together are flip flops and rainy days

6. Something I can never pass up at the grocery store is fruit; apples, bananas, strawberries...

7. The last time I tried something new was a new cleaning product at Target, I'm a sucker for compelling packaging. It doesn't always work out the way I hope.

Feel free to copy, enter in your own responses, paste, and play along on your own blog.

4 and 20 Blackbirds

I love hearing about new stores with clever names. In this month's issue of Martha Stewart Living, I read about a new bakery in Brooklyn, New York called Four and Twenty Blackbirds. Remember that nursery rhyme? Four and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie...

As a pie enthusiast, I perused the website and saw some tasty flavors like Maple Cuttermilk Custard, Salted Caramel Apple, and Nectarine Blueberry (among others).

What's your favorite kind of pie?

Dinner Last Night: Beef Bourguignon

Not quite Julia Child, but I made my own (much much easier) version of Beef Bourguignon a la crock pot. While there is still some substantial prep work required, even for a crock pot meal, the results were delicious! And despite my alternate route to creating the recipe, I did feel like I was able to channel a little bit of Julia into my meal. :)


It's official - the bf and I are heading to New Orleans, Louisiana for a long weekend in January! I've never been, but heard nothing but fabulous things! Can't wait for a romantic getaway. Any recommendations on places to go while in town??

Pumpkins Galore

I love the pop of orange pumpkins. I love the way they add that bright splash of color to neighbors front porches and stoops, and their presence just declares it's fall! And I especially love seeing the creative flair pumpkins can lend themselves to. Here are a few of Martha's best ideas for how to spice up the everyday pumpkin for Halloween.

Snapshot from the Weekend

Good times this weekend.
Here's a snapshot of our "Olde Time" photo from the Bachelorette Party in Seaside, Oregon.
Fifteen saloon girls, one bride...Priceless!

Girls Weekend

Woohoo! This afternoon, I'm my way to a bachelorette party weekend in Seaside, Oregon. So excited for some good wine, gossip, and quality girl time! Happy pre-wedding bash Anna!

Dinner Last Night: Mushroom Lasagna

Mushroom lasagna - sounds dreamy right? I made Ina Garten's recipe through the lens of Smitten Kitchen. While the lasagna wasn't too difficult to make, it did require a lot of pans (4!). Translation = a lot of dishes. On the upside, it tasted delicious!

Happy Birthday Dad

and now...
You're the best, I love you! Happy Birthday!!