My Apologies

Back to school on Tuesday. Sorry to neglect you with few and far between posts! I've been buzzing around, getting everything together or the students upcoming arrival. Be back next week!


My Favorite Things - #5

My favorite things...AT THIS VERY MOMENT

Song: This song "Just Dance"! Thank you to Marissa for the introduction. It has been on my i-pod on repeat for the past 3 days.

Book: Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides (an interesting read with a unique, never-seen-in-another-book-before plot)
Store: Eagerly awaiting the mid-September Seattle openings of European bargain wonder, H&M.
Product: Kiehls Deluxe Hand & Body lotion in grapefruit. It leaves your skin feel silky smooth with a subtle clean citrusy scent, and dries quickly without that sticky feeling (always a plus!).Movie: Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Yes, I saw it in the theater, with my sister in fact! Totally cheesy, girly chick-flick (did you really expect anything less)...but there are some emotionally charged scenes, I do admit to shedding at least one glistening tear. If you're in a feel-good movie mood, might be worth a go.
Holiday: Labor Day, one extra day o'setting up and planning before the kids arrive on Tuesday!!


My Favorite Things - #4

My favorite places. As a self proclaimed obsessor of travel, there are a few little places (domestic and international) that I absolutely adore. Here are a few of my favorite corners of the globe... Sun Valley, Idaho. My parents first met on ski bus, and as such skiing has been an integral part of our family dynamic. Sun Valley is a winter playground of skiing, snow-shoeing, and warming up together over hot cocoa. Growing up, my family spent at least one long weekend here every ski season, and a few sporadic summers spent hiking, biking, and horseback riding in the mountains. Orvieto, Italy. About an hour by train North of Rome, this heavenly plateau is nestled in the midst of rolling Umbrian hillsides. Known it's to-die-for white wine, decadant Florentine cathedral, and peaceful, sleepy aura, this joyously pleasant slice of Italy is not to be missed. Rogue River, Oregon. My grandparents used to own a home perched atop the Rogue River, where we spent summers rope-swinging, row-boating, and picking blackberries in the balmy Oregon sun. Life moves a little slower here, but the laid-back small town lifestyle is often a welcome vacation to the regular hustle and bustle of city life.
St. Germain & Montmartre, Paris, France. My top two favorite neighborhoods in Paris. I've been to Paris twice, once for all the traditional tourist fare, and the second time as a wannabe native and pseudo explorer.

I have a soft spot for the famed cafes of St. Germain, hearkening back to my "Paris Architecture,"art history class in college where I wrote an extensive research paper comparing and contrasting the wonders of Cafe Flore and Deux Magots, two of Paris' finer cafe culture establishments. Montmartre is also a favorite for Place du Tertes, the eclectic artist's quarter where one can grab a pan au chocolat and scout leisurely stroll through easels, developing canvases, and street musicians, all indulgent and focused on their craft.

I'm sure I could go on forever, as these are only a few of my favorite places. Curious to hear what your favorites are?


My Favorite Things - #3

Chalkboard paint! Random, I know, but I love this stuff!!...I have a colleague who painted an entire wall of her modern kitchen with black chalkboard paint, a bold statement perhaps, but it eventually served as the blank canvas to her artistically inclined sons who were constantly using it to scrawl out their latest ideas.

Once I am a home owner, I am undoubtedly adding this creative furnishing to a functional space. Ideally the kitchen, I love the image below where the gazpacho recipe is ever-so-conveniently written in chalk above the stove. The chalkboard paint just adds a little character to a familiar space.

My Favorite Things - #2

I have way too many magazine subscriptions. For whatever reason I always fall for those for those cards that slip out of magazines sporting deals like 12 issues for $12. These are a few of my favorites...Best magazine for the working girl on a budget (as an elementary school teacher, that'd be me!). It's refreshing to learn that instead of ruling out those coveted exotic destinations, Budget Travel gives you affordable hotel, dining, and transportation alternatives that cater to the true budget traveler.
Even if you're not a Seattleite, this magazine is fab! Seattle Metropolitan provides citygoers with the trendiest new hotspots, dining digs, and outdoor activities even the veteran Seattleite may not know about. They also provide annual updates ranking and reviewing the top local schools, businesses, and physicians. Definitely a must read!
Okay, I admit I don't make half of the things I read about in Food & Wine, but I am a huge fan of the parties they feature. Whimsical menus for everything from the casual backyard beach BBQ to Christmas in Aspen, this magazine's got your cooking desires covered.
And finally, last but not least. I actually do not have a subscription to this Us Weekly, though I voraciously flip through every issue I can get my hands on. The one thing holding me back is time, frankly I don't have the time to read this, because I know the second I see it in my mailbox, I'll drop everything and read it cover to cover. Thankfully this plan is working, as are plentiful avenues through which I can obtain my celebrity gossip.


My Favorite Things - #1

Before you judge, let me just state, don't be deterred by the word "seaweed." Believe it or not, this Bumble & Bumble Seaweed shampoo has an incredibly clean, fresh, citrusy scent. Seriously this shampoo makes me want to wash my hair again, it smells that good! Would I lie to you?


Here Come Pencils, Here Come Books

The new school year is just around the corner. Two weeks to go!! I've spent the past week beginning to organize, gather, and prepare my classroom for a new batch of wide-eyed second graders. While I'd sad to see summer go - heightened by the recent surge of inclement Seattle weather - I am so excited to meet my new students!

In light of the fact that school will be starting soon, and the whirlwind of back-to-school will commence, I am trying to get in some worthy blog posts should I become a sporadic blogger once I'm knee deep in planning and teaching. Hence I give you, "My Favorite Things!" Granted this blogging revelation is a little untimely, as I will begin tomorrow-Thursday (as opposed to a Monday, as most traditional bloggers would do, kicking the week off with a bang!)...but given my unprecedented burst of creative energy at 10pm on a rainy Wednesday, I'd say it'll do!


60's Ambition

I love that the classically feminine look of the 60's is making a comeback. The revival of the gorgeous overnight-in-curlers hair, shapely sunglasses, and simple patterns that make a statement makes me smile. Hopefully I can retroactively adopt a few of these touches into my fairly conservative teacher wardrobe...


The New Sartorialist?

Attention! New fashion blog find for y'all to peruse...looks like The Sartorialist might have itself some hearty competition. Newcomer Mr. Lasser is sporting street trends in a big way. Color me intrigued!images/mrlasser


I'm excited for Michael Phelps and Team USA and all...but come on, was I the only one that was secretly rooting for one of the guys from team Zimbabwe or something equally obscure to just miraculously pull ahead and beat this guy?? If you're having similar thoughts, do read what one of my fave blogs *I Heart You* has to say about this lovely little picture. image/sportsillustrated via/iheartyou

Sink Your Teeth Into It

In search of a practical joke? Freak out your friends by slipping these ice cubes a la senior citizen into their water glass. Just make sure you don't accidentally swap your denture cubes with grandma's real ones! Eek!


They're Back!

Our fave girls from LA have returned from hiatus. Anyone watch the season premiere? Lots to dish on...thoughts?



Out with basic, boring milk & dark. If you've got a palette for adventure, snack on one of these sweet treats. Stocking the shelves of Whole Paycheck (a.k.a. Whole Foods) is the sensational line of exotic chocolates by Vosges.

Beware, these flavor combinations are a little coo-coo crazy, but if you're tired of the magic Hershey has to offer, Mo's Bacon Bar (milk chocolate & applewood smoked bacon) and Red Fire Bar (dark chocolate, chipotle chiles & cinnamon) might be just up your alley. Go ahead, mix it up!



Meet etsy artist Rachel Austin. Her zeal for the wanderlust is captured in these distinctive map paintings. Austins's vision begins with random international maps, oil painted over with flirty birds and sunny wildflowers. If this peaks your interest, try this...I found myself scrutinizing the image, trying to decipher the location of each map.



Going camping with friends this weekend. Getting excited for night swimming, s'mores, and sleeping under the stars! Have a good one!


Splash of Color

Check out all the crazy colors Trina Turk has planned for Fall 2008! Get ready for that blast from the past, time traveling back to 1980...or something! Whip out that boom box, tease your hair, and put me on the waiting list for some neon orange tights and some turquoise pumps!!


I Could Have Danced All Night

I am always organizing and reorganizing my ipod, attempting to create the perfect playlist. I just completed what I consider to be a darn good "Musicals" playlist. I'd say my collection is pretty broad, with everthing from Wicked to A Chorus Line to The Sound of Music. And of course, one of my all-time favorite musicals - My Fair Lady.

I've spent countless hours watching this singing sensation of a movie on VHS. My sisters and I used to dance around our living room, flitting and fluttering about, waving our arms and singing along just like Audrey Hepburn in the song, "I Could Have Danced All Night."
So if you happen to catch me driving and singing out loud, it may appear that I'm singing along to the radio, when in fact I'm belting along to My Fair Lady!


Kimono Rose

I recently discovered the sweetest smelling line of Thymes bath products, courtesy of my friend Moira. I realize it is extremely difficult to accurately describe a unique scent in words, so I'm just going to quote the product's website to spell out the scent Kimono Rose... "a sensuous floral heightened with effervescent clementine and voluptuous cassis on a creamy bed of satiny rose, peony and jasmine petals…finished with a kiss of vanilla." Yum!


She's Gone Country

As if we didn't believe her when she declared to the world, "I'm becoming a country singer," Jessica Simpson dons plaid, cowboy boots, and chunky metal jewelry in the latest edition of Elle, to further hammer home her point, I'VE GONE COUNTRY!

Her new image truly is a packaged deal, complete with a Texan boyfriend, Dallas Cowboy quarterback Tony Romo. I admit, I listened to Jessica during the Nick Lachey years, but I think this lucrative country career she's trying on for size definitely has more potential. While she's become the latest celebrity with a case of the Madonna's, at least she recognized her fizzling pop career before she became a has-been. And I give her credit that this time around, she's going with what she knows, and channeling her Southern roots. Gotta say, she may have ditched the high heels, but she's investing in some excellent footwear, loving the cowboy boots!


You're Pretty Awesome

Who wouldn't want to receive this in the mail? Talk about a self esteem booster! Opening this puppy would definitely merit a wide eyed grin...and lets be honest, perhaps a shrug and a silent agreement, "yeah, I am pretty awesome!"


Tic, Tac, Toast

Ever get bored over breakfast? Invest in this bad boy. Tic tac toe over toast. Priceless! What I'm wondering is, what would you use as X and O markers...Peanut butter & jelly? Jam & butter? What's your edible marker of choice?


Oh Oh Olympics!

I am obsessed! The Olympics are taking over my life. Today I watched Misty May-Treanor & Kerry Walsh in women's volleyball, Michael Phelps earn his 10th medal in swimming, the American's just miss out on the medal competition in synchronized diving, and all-time favorite, women's gymnastics!

I can remember watching gymnastics since the 1992 Barcelona games, where Shannon Miller shone as the stand-out American, barely missing the gold. And of course, who can forget the white knuckle moment when Kerri Strug landed the vault with a dramatic wrenched ankle, hobbling to the start line and continuing through the pain to save the day with a team gold at the '96 Atlanta games.

I love gymnastics! Of course, I can't even do a cartwheel, but that doesn't stop me from cheering our girls on! At the last Olympics, my friends and I sat glued to the TV on a Friday night, awaiting the declaration of Carly Patterson as individual all-around winner. Hoping for the best this year with our newcomers Shawn Johnson, Nastia Liukin, and Bridget Sloan. U-S-A! U-S-A!


For the Sweet Tooth

Don't get caught with your hand in the cookie jar. Very tempting, this cupcake cookie jar is good enough to eat!