Dinner Last Night: Spaghetti Aglio Olio

This may be my new favorite go-to dinner, spaghetti aglio olio.  It's easy, quick, simple, and soo delicious!  Plus, most of the ingredients I usually have stocked in my pantry round the clock.  I've made this three times now since I discovered this recipe.  Thank you pinterest!


Last Great Book I Read: Blood, Bones, & Butter

Always a fan of memoirs, it was only a matter of time before I picked up Blood, Bones, and Butter by New York City chef Gabrielle Hamilton.  This book has officially become one of my favorite books...EVER.

Yet, if we're being honest...the first time I picked up this book, I couldn't really get into it.  I had a stack of books on my bedside table, and sipping in a few precious minutes of reading before drifting off to sleep simply didn't suit this book.  However, I couldn't shake the notion that this book was worth my while, especially since I had heard such glowing reviews.  Inevitably, I decided it merited a second look.  On my second attempt, I checked out the audiobook from my local library, and once the CD began rolling, I was captivated!  

The audio book is narrated by the author herself, Gabrielle Hamilton, who recounts her childhood, trials and tribulations in the world of chefdom, and many a culinary and familial experience with a beautiful grace and sharp wit.  She swears, she makes analogies dripping with description, and writes with such beautiful fluency, it was hard to stop listening.  I found myself making excuses to drive my car, simply so I could continue listening to her articulate her story, and I was quite sad when the last chapter of the last disc ended and the story was complete.  

Here's a sample from the audiobook to wet your appetite.

Wall Of Pencils

Check out this wall made entirely of #2 pencils!  Pretty cool, isn't it?  This yellowy-orange wall is located at The Bold Italic's headquarters in San Francisco, designed by Kelly Malone.  

While as a teacher, I see plenty of #2 pencils in an average day, I'm not sure I'd emulate this wall in my own home, but nonetheless, I find it fascinating!  Think how much time it probably took to create this masterpiece?
 images via dailydoseofsunlight

Shabby Apple Giveaway

One of my favorite online boutiques, Shabby Apple, is sponsoring my very first giveaway!  This lovely online boutique offers an incredible selection of vintage inspired dresses, skirts, jewelry, swimwear, fabulous accessories, and more!

Shabby Apple is offering one of my lucky readers a $50 gift card to spend in their shop!  Use this to put toward one of their fabulous pieces and add a little pizazz to your spring wardrobe.  And, just in case you need any inspiration, here are a few of my personal favorites...

*For a chance to win, please visit Shabby Apple and leave a comment with your email address, telling me your favorite item in the shop.  The winner will be selected at random, next Wednesday, March 7th!  You must have a US shipping address and be over 18 years of age to enter.

For Additional Entires...
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Bonus: If you want to order some shabby apple goodness for yourself

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Fat Tuesday

We celebrated Fat Tuesday with the Polish tradition of paczkis, doughnuts filled with sweet fillings, and usually dusted with a sugary topping.  While they aren't quite as available here in Seattle as they are in the Midwest where my husband is from, we discovered our local Metropolitan Market carries them over Fat Tuesday.  Hence, our delicious weekday indulgence; I bought an apple-cinnamon, raspberry, lemon, and custard paczki and we enjoyed these delectable Fat Tuesday treats!
Later that night, I surprised my husbandwith homemade potato pierogis, another Polish tradition, somehow fitting in keeping with the theme of our day. 

Do you have any Fat Tuesday traditions?

Hunger Games Trailer #2

Who's ready?  Just 1 month left until the much anticipated movie debuts!!  I'm thinking I just might need to go back and reread Book #1 in order to fully prepare myself for the this grandly hyped book-turned-movie experience.

You excited?

It's Genius

I'm always on the prowl for the perfect nail polish color.  I just picked up this lovely sparkly purple hue, "It's Genius," by Essie.  Thi polish the is perfect shade of eggplant with a hint of gold flecks, the ultimate manicure color for cheering on my alma mater - the Washington Huskies!  
What's your latest polish du jour?


Big Sky

I just returned from a long Presidents Day weekend with my family in Big Sky, Montana.  This was my first visit to the great state of Montana, and it was quite memorable!   I'm telling you, the mountain air here is exhilaratingly fresh.  Inhaling deep gulps of fresh mountain air beneath a clear, starry sky felt simply wonderful!

My parents rented a sweet house in Moonlight Basin where we could literally ski in and out of, talk about convenient!  We spent our vacation skiing during the day and enjoying hot tubbing, après-ski cocktails, and cozy nights in.  Bliss.  Can't wait to go back!

Link Love from a Blog Slacker

Hello my lovelies - sorry it's been one crazy, busy, whirlwind kind of week around these parts!  Getting ready to head out of town for a family reunion in Montana tonight, and tying up loose odds and ends has taken me much longer than I anticipated.  My apologies for being a bit of a blog slacker.  But luckily, I have a week off school next week (hip, hip, hooray!) and I will be back in my best blogging form in no time.  
In the mean time, I leave you with a few links from around the web.

+ I could go for one of these right about now...

+ Literary love: Roald Dahl stamps

+ For the Harry Potter fan inside all of you, golden snitch truffles!

+ Another hair tutorial - try at your own risk!

+ Love this bathroom art

+ Delectable doughnuts - pink raised doughnuts with toasted coconut, yum!

+ A beautiful San Diego wedding (and a grade school friend of mine!)

+ Get ready for St. Patrick's Day with Lucky Irish Kisses

+ Love is everywhere - check out these hearts in nature

+ Painted jar planters


Dinner Last Night: Pan Roasted Chicken with Lemon-Garlic Green Beans & Potatoes

I finally made a recipe that I pinned on pinterest.  Hooray!  I feel satisfied that my well stocked pin board entitled "good eats," is actually being put to good use in the kitchen!  

Well, technically, my husband made dinner, but that it made it even more delicious!  Go pin this recipe right now - pan-roasted chicken with lemon-garlic green beans and potatoes.  It was superb!  Plus it filled our kitchen with this aromatic lemony garlic scent while cooking which was just heavenly. 


Weekend Getaway

This weekend I'm jetting away for a quick wine tasting weekend with my girlfriends in Santa Barbara.  It's a quick trip so I'll be back at it Monday morning, but I'm very much looking forward to a few days of warm sunshine, the company of my college friends, and vino!

Hope you have a great weekend! 


Link Love

+ Thinking about trying my hand at ice cream with this recipe 

+ The coolest bedroom nook

+ Dinner menu for next week?

+ Fun fact: did you know...

+ Latest trent, heart shaped elbow patches

+ Don't forget to unplug - a bloggers motto

+ The 411 on how to do a Texas road trip

+ Colorful iphone cases

+ My Valentine's Day indulgence 


Make Up 411

Make up has never been my thing.  Although I sincerely wish it was a skill I possessed.  When my college friends do vacations - I love that I'm able to shelve my unimpressive regiment of bare minerals coverage, cover girl eye liner, maybelline mascara, and my lip gloss du jour, and default to my friend Marissa, who somehow manages to create makeup magic on me every time!   If only I could keep her in my pocket to be my personal makeup stylist for every other day of the year.

So now, that I've decided as an almost thirty year old grown up, it is time for me to invest in some quality makeup that suits me.  However, I find buying makeup extremely daunting.  In fact, the idea of it is somewhat frightening to me.  First I think it is grossly overpriced, and second, since I'm not as familiar with what is necessary to create a polished look on my ever-pale skin, I somehow manage to buy products I never end up using, and neglect to buy the essentials.

So I'm curious, what's your go-to brand?  I'm always so impressed when bloggers do make up posts, I always scribble names of the stand-out products, thankful for honest and helpful recommendations.  

Do you have a favorite blush?  Eye shadow?  Lipstick?  Liner?  
If so...please, do tell.  I'm all ears!


I Won't Mind If You Buy Me This...

What did we do before Pinterest?

One of my best friends was pretty reluctant to jump on the Pinterest bandwagon.  After attempting to persuade her for many moons, I finally made a convincing case to join, and she caved and joined the club.  

Thank goodness, because she came up with a superb board idea!   In addition to the usual "recipe board" or "pretty things board," she created one called "I Won't Mind If You Buy Me This,"basically a collection of favorite items she would love to receive for her birthday.  In a snap, she forwarded on this easily accessible wish-list to  her boyfriend and parents.  Voila - built in gift gratification.  
Brilliant, isn't it?

Since then, I have created my own board, also appropriately titled, "I Won't Mind If You Buy Me This," and conveniently sent my husband a link.  Right now these Valentine-inspired Toms are topping my list.  I highly suggest you create a board and do the same, it might just work in your favor.


Nutella Day

Hooray it's national nutella day. If you don't have a jar handy, go out and pick one up so you can make one of these delectable nutella-y treats!

Wedding Photos

 Our photographers - Angela & Evan - featured our wedding on their blog today!  They put together an amazing collage of pictures from our special day.  I am so excited to relive all of our favorite moments from our wedding day through their photographs.  Check it out!

photo via angela&evan

Dinner Last Night: Pasta with Caramelized Onions, Portobello Mushrooms, and Chèvre

Last night was a pasta eating kind of night.  No evening plans, a great day at school, and a copy of "When Harry Met Sally" waiting for me in my mailbox via Netflix - what a treat!  So, I retired home after work with no stresses, no worries, and decided to make myself a bowl o'pasta.  Pasta with caramelized onions, portobello mushrooms, and chevre to be specific.  Oh yeah!  Ample leftovers are going to make for one fab lunch tomorrow.