Swoonworthy Engagement Photos

I'm excited to share some absolutely lovely engagement photos of my friend from high school. The Seattle-based photographers Angela and Evan have done a superb job at capturing the love shared by this couple as they wander about their fave Seattle neighborhood.images/angelaandevanblog

Letterpress Valentine Round-Up

Skunk Love {Paper Ink Press}
Wanna Hibernate? {dudeandchick}

Perfect for your main squeeze! {Elevated Press}

You big stud- I mean spud {pupandpony}

Bee My Valentine {anenome letterpress}



This is so cool! Is it a laptop, is it a book? Meet the BookBook, the ultimate laptop case complete with velvet cushioning between two hardback covers. Truth be told, I also kinda love the worn, vintage look of the "book," as opposed to a brand, spanking new, right off the bookshelf book. It has character. I like that.

So Pretty!

There's something about succulents I just can't resist. I love the pop of green in this bouquet paired with the magenta peonies...so pretty!

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Playing "Mom"

I've felt my posts this week have been lackluster and uninspired, and I felt I owed my readers an explanation...It's because I've been playing "mom" for a week, and let me tell you, it's no easy task! I'm housesitting two boys (11 and 13) while their mom, dad, and sister are on a work-related trip for a week.

Just to give you a taste of my week, here's my first day on the job...I arrived at 6:00 AM on Sunday, whipped up breakfast, dropped off one boy at water polo practice, came home, picked him up, picked up lunch, fed the boys lunch, had about 30 mintues to read and sit down, drove the younger one to his basketball game, watched the game, came home, fed them snack, did lesson planning for 30 minutes, drove back to the same school for 2nd boy's game, watched that game, dropped them off at their basketball party...and Whew, it's 8:00 and I'm exhausted!

While I really shouldn't complain; the boys are very polite, well-behaved, and quite lovely, their house is simply fantastic, and their fridges are stocked til the cows come home (and I'm getting paid for this endeavor)... But this packing lunches, quizzing for spelling tests, editing papers, while managing to feed and walk the dog business is tiring! I don't know how all you parents do it after a full day's of work at your paying job. Kudos to all you moms out there, you definitely deserve more than a measly day in May to celebrate all of your hard work!


Feeling Sick?

Whenever I get sick, I always crave the comforts of home. Curling up on the couch in an over-sized blanket, orange juice, and of course hot soup. Well, should you find yourself in a different area code than your loved ones when they fall ill - turn to Spoonful of Comfort. The next best thing to homemade chicken noodle soup, a down home recipe of the same delivered to your door.


Last Great Book I Read

I just finished this book - Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford, and need to pass along the recommendation! A relatively quick read, this novel is realistic fiction, a story of a an American born Chinese boy living in 1940's wartime Seattle, and his life-altering friendship with a Japanese girl from across town during the Japanese evacuation of Seattle. The book alternates back and forth between the past and present, flash forwarding to his life 40 years later, and then flash back to his youth in the height of the war. It's a really moving story punctuated with historical facts, and appropriately - bitter and sweet.


Olympic Fare

While it seems Valentine's Day is just around the corner, I admittedly am more excited about the Winter Olymics. Not that I don't love my special someone, I just love the camaraderie, competition, and blending of cultures that comes 'round every couple of years for the games.

Being in Seattle, we aren't too far from the hype - Vancouver, B.C. is just a few short hours North. One thing that has me intrigued about the Olympic Village is the cuisine! Seattle Times had an article in the Sunday paper entitled - Gold-Medal dining in Vancouver. One of the Vancouver native's favorite eats: Japadog - Japanese inspired hotdogs. In lieu of ketchup and mustard, try grated relish, special soy, and green onion. Here's a pic of the famous "Oroshi" dog at Japadog. When in Vancouver...


I Heart You More Than...

This card made me smile immediately. I definitely heart you more than rainbows and unicorns. And while we're at it,throw in sunshine and baby kittens too.


Bath Product Love

I adore bath products. I have to resist the urge to buy new shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, etc. every time I enter a store like Target. I typically try new brands that sound intriguing, and I'm a sucker for clever packaging. However, once I find a brand or product I like, I am definitely a repeat customer. I recently discovered a fabulous new lotion, Red Cherie Hand Lotion by Thymes. It smells like fresh cherries and is smooth to the touch, non-greasy, and leaves a light pleasant but not overwhelming scent.

What are your favorite bath products?


Sweet Weekend

Have a sweet weekend!

I've got a friend in town, we're hitting the town Friday night, wine tasting for a birthday Saturday afternoon, and then babysitting on Sunday. Should be a good mix of lively and relaxing...have a great one!

If I Went to...Brooklyn

I'm starting a new recurring post, If I went to...There are so many places in this wonderful world of ours I want to visit someday. Inspired by Bliss's Happy Place posts, I want to start a post to record all of the wonderful nooks & crannies, villas, lofts, cabins, etc. etc. that exist for avid travelers like myself.

With no further ado: If I went to...Brooklyn, I'd love to stay here! Isn't this loft divine? Full of light, fanciful decor, sophistication, and location, location, location - all the gems of NYC at your fingertips!

Fill in the Blank

What do you love most about that special someone? Well...fill in the blank! "I Love_______...." I am terribly picky when it comes to selecting cards for people. I linger in the card aisle for at least 30 minutes every time, I constantly hem and haw over what's in my cart on etsy...even more so for special occasions like birthdays and holidays! This is why I love the flexibility of these sweet Valentine's Day cards. Now you get to tell that someone how you really feel instead of what Hallmark wants you to say!

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One Eventful Birthday...

Thanks for all the blog love and birthday wishes. My birthday was...eventful. Let me tell you about it...

At school at 7:45, with kids starting to line up in the hallway outside my classroom my boyfriend called my classroom in excruciating abdominal pain, thinking his kidney stones had returned. Eek! Since he's not from the Seattle area, he has no family out here, thus no one to take him to the hospital - sans a cab...

This is where I come in; the wonderful, amazing girlfriend to the rescue, da da DA DA! My friend and fellow teacher next door to my classroom thankfully got my class started on morning work while I rushed him to the emergency room, hustled back to school, and had my kids starting on literacy at 8:45. It turned out to be kidney stones as he'd thought and a few X-Rays later, he was prescribed pain medication and discharged. So...I drove back to the hospital, picking him up while my class was in P.E. and headed back to school just in time for math! I was already physically and emotionally exhausted by 11:00 AM!

While my 27th didn't turn out exactly as planned, my boyfriend gave me a fabulous gift, flowers, and I ended up doing dinner + wine with my mom. We've rescheduled our *surprise* dinner together for another night when we can truly enjoy it together. So all in all, my birthday had a few unexpected hiccups, but inevitably was a great day!


It's My Birthday!

Woohoo, happy birthday to me! This year my birthday doesn't fall on the MLK holiday, for the first time in years. I'll be spending my big 2-7 hanging with my students where I'm sure to earn a rousing chorus of "Happy Birthday To You...CHA CHA CHA!" After school, my boyfriend has planned a surprise dinner outing. Hoping it's a great birthday to remember!


Amazing Renovations

Have you ever heard of Sixx Design? They turned this... into this...Pretty fantastic, huh? There's been a log of blogworthy buzz about this New York based design and development firm. The coolest part: they're a husband and wife team with 7 kids, who've found a genuine passion in finding dilapidated, condemned housing, gutting, and renovating them into masterful works of art. Another neat note: their family has lived in several of their projects. Read more about them in their new book - Downtown Chic. Read more about them here.


Creme de Pistache

I recently converted to Laura Mercier make-up after a long standing relationship with Bobbi Brown. While her products aren't great for my wallet, they are for my skin. While in Nordstrom over the weekend, I was perusing the Laura counter and came across a new bath product line - Creme de Pistache. This line was apparently inspired by sweets in a French bakery, and though I've never considered myself one for pistachios, one whiff and sample, and I was in love. Particularly with the body souffle; it's sweet, luxurious, and heavenly. Unfortunately I couldn't stomach the price tag, but maybe I'll add it to my wish list for a rainy day...


Happy Friday

Happy Friday! It's a 3-day weekend for me, we teachers do actually get Martin Luther King Day off believe it or not. While I realize most of the working world just observes this holiday from afar, we actually take a day off to celebrate!

This also happens to be my pre-birthday weekend, my birthday falling on a school day this year for the first time in a while - next Tuesday. Looking forward for some get-togethers with friends and family to celebrate me being a whole year older...Happy weekend!


Dinner Last Night: Broccoli Rabe, White Bean, & Fontina Pasta

I found this recipe while perusing the Food Network's recommendations for healthy eats in the new year. This certainly felt healthy, but was still delicious and filling - Broccoli Rabe, White Bean, and Fontina Pasta.


In Case You Were Wondering...

I named her Jenga... I decided it was the most fitting name considering in the first week I had her she chased her tail, attempted to scale my living room wall (no joke), and managed to toss a toy mouse 3 feet in the air by batting her paws. Since Jenga's a game, and considering how much my new girl loves to play, I thought the name was simply meant to be.

Up, Up, and Away

Just watched this movie again this past weekend with my family. I can't get over how fantastically they were able to craft such an emotional story that please the audiences of adults and children alike. If you haven't seen it yet, go out and rent Up!

P.S. Loving these posters


Dinner Last Night

Call me inspired - I read Joanna's grilled cheese + tomato soup appetizer post and had a craving I couldn't deny. Hence, dinner last night was...grilled cheese sandwiches with spicy tomato chipotle soup = excellent dinner for a rainy night.

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On The Wings Of Love

Have you seen The Bachelor yet this season? Jake "The Pilot" as he was often referred to in Jillian's reign, is the Bachelor this time 'round, and he's the cheesy, sappy romantic you love to hate. I watched the premier with my teacher friends, and we had plenty to make fun of; the girls outfits, the not-so-subtle background soundtrack of "On The Wings of Love," oh ABC, what will you do for us next. Yet, despite the sarcasm and ridicule, I do continue to watch this show. There's just something about good/bad reality TV, I must say. Are there any Bachelor watchers out there? If so, what are your thoughts on the new pilot du jour... image/abc


Love this photo! How fun would it be to get married here!

Lip Lust

One of my fave beauty products Labello lip balm. Unfortunately, it's only available in Europe, so whenever I'm there I always make a point to stock up. If you've never tried Labello before, think of a it as a smoother version of chapstick, with a way better taste.

I recently learned that Labello was bought by Nivea - an American company, and is now available under the guise of "Nivea." I was thrilled to hear this news as my last European Labello is almost out! I found the Nivea version at a local drugstore for about $2.99, and my lips have never been happier!


Sleepy Friday

Happy Friday. I'm feeling a lot like this right now, sleepy, and wishing for my comfy bed instead of puttering getting ready for work at 5:30 am. Hope you have a lovely weekend, I'm definitely planning time to catch up on my zzz's.


Happy Birthday Blog!

I can't believe I almost forgot my blog's 2nd birthday! It occurred to me early yesterday morning as I was driving to school.

It's amazing to me what a blog can morph into. This blog is a preserved memory of the pieces of my life over the past two years. It's a reminder of where I was, what I was thinking about/watching/eating/doing/feeling.... It reminds me how 2009 was an even better year than 2008, how much I've learned about myself and changed and grown up in two short years. It's truly amazing sometimes to stop and reflect back upon the place I am now and the place I was then.

I often get the urge to divulge all my secrets, but I feel I have to my profession as a teacher limits me from writing a lot of personal information about my life. Regardless, I've thoroughly enjoyed my life in the blog-o-sphere, perusing my faves, getting to know new blogs through comments left, and seeing what the world beyond my own little universe has to offer.

Happy Birthday!

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Vintage Bridesmaid

Mad Men's "Joanie," a.k.a. Christina Henrickson wed Geoffrey Arend in a ceremony with a vintage flare. Her bridesmaids all donned vintage gowns, each unique from the other. Since this post, I've noticed other bloggers reflecting on this notable change in traditional bridal party attire (including this photo below).

What are your thoughts? Stick with dresses of the same hue or let your bridesmaids express their creativity? I'm very curious... images/once wed
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