I've been thinking a lot about Japan lately. My heart goes out to the people and families who have been killed, injured, or displaced by this tragedy. It's can't even imagine what they are going through. Having just been to Japan this past summer, I feel more of a connection to this tragedy than I normally would. Immediately after hearing I checked facebook for updates and news from my friends living in Japan, and thankfully they were safe and sound. I know Japan will come back from this, but not without memory of the sadness that's occurred.

Sending my thoughts and prayers to this amazing country and all those affected by this earthquake and tsunami. Thinking of you.
photos from my trip


Unknown said...

breaks my heart. I have a lot of family there I can't imagine how scared they are. Everyone keep the prayers and positive thoughts going!

Rhiannon Bosse said...

It's so sad :( Sending out my prayers and thoughts too. These photos are so fabulous. xo

Vivian said...

Michelle, this post was so beautiful and heartfelt. I know how much of a special, close connection you have with Japan, and it must be even more heartbreaking for you to see this place you love going through this disaster. xx