Quote of the Week

Saw this on another blog and think it's a pretty great motto.  
Going to try and subscribe to this wholeheartedly.  Who's with me?  

Announcing Your Move

As you know, I'm ever a believer in the art of old-fashioned correspondence, though I refuse to use the term "snail mail."  I love the act of walking to the mailbox, sifting through the contents, and discovering an invitation, a birth announcement, or best of all, a handwritten note from a friend.

As such, you know I did my research when it came to forwarding our new address to family and friends.  "We've Moved!" cards are so much cuter than they used to be?  Here are a few of my favorites over at Tiny Prints.

If you're not in the market for cards to send out, here's an alternative, return address labels that announce your relocation, while providing said recipient with your new address.  Brilliant!

Love these!
~ Labels ℅ Tiny Prints ~

Meal Planning 101

I'm on a meal planning kick, and I want to keep the momentum going!  After investing in this handy dandy little kickstarter cookbook (worth every penny), researching meal planning, finding templates that work for our family, implementing said system, and spending Sunday nights mapping out the week - our meal planning adventure is off and running!

Some of our tips and tricks:

+ Prior to kicking off our meal planning, I spent a few weeks bookmarking our favorite (easy) weeknight dinners.  I perused my favorite cookbooks that had been collecting dust, pinned my favorite recipes on Pinterest, and saved all the links in a google drive spreadsheet, categorizing them by their main ingredient; i.e. fish, pork, veggie, etc.

+ On Sunday mornings/afternoons, my husband and I plan out of meals for the coming week.  We take into account nights out (i.e. curriculum night for me, dinner out with the boys for him, etc.).  We take into account everything: not only dinners, lunches, breakfast, snacks, and food for our baby, and create our portions accordingly to add to our shopping list.  This also helps us stick to our budget as we're not making multiple trips to the store for ingredients throughout the week.

+ We plan for certain foods.  For example, fish goes earlier in the week, as it doesn't have as long a shelf life in the fridge.  Apply this wisdom to other finicky ingredients that may not hold up 5+ days without wilting to the point of inedible.  If we for some reason need to do fish on a Friday, we add a note that this requires a separate trip to the grocery store to pick up said ingredient.

+ Before we make the shopping list, we scour the pantry to ensure we don't buy duplicates of any ingredients.  No one needs 2 more cans of chicken broth when we already have 6 chilling on the shelf.  

+ Take turns.  We alternate who does the cooking.  My husband prefers to grill over bake.  I prefer to bake and saute over grill.  We trade off, we share the load.  It works.

+ Make and plan enough for leftovers.  This ensures lunch is taken care of for our work day, one less meal to plan lightens the stress significantly.  

So now that I've wet your appetite, I'd love to hear - what are your favorite weeknight recipes?  Or "go-to" recipes.  As two full time working parents, we want to provide the staple of a consistent weeknight dinner for our daughter as she grows up, but we recognize we're not Julia Child, nor will we ever be whipping up coq au vin Monday nights like it ain't no thang.   

So...tell me.  What are your favorite weeknight recipes?


Fall is Here

School is back in full swing,  fall has descended upon us, and we're settling into our new house (did I mention we bought a NEW house?!?!).  Life is pretty great around these parts.  

+ Reading this for my book club that just had a revival after a 2-year hiatus, hooray!

+ Appreciating this book for future weeknight dinners

+ Looking forward to the premiere of this show in my queue

+ Rocking out to this new catchy song

+ Eyeballing these fall inspired cookies

+ My kind of rush hour in the Netherlands

+ Want to try this recipe to put an invigorating spin on breakfast

+ More parenting books to add to my nightstand

+ The coolest nanny gig

Enjoy your week!

1st Birthday Party

How is it that my baby is already ONE?!  We celebrated her first birthday last weekend amidst family and a few close friends.  Here are some details from her party!
Originally I was going for a giraffe theme, since she LOVES giraffes, however that morphed into a jungle theme once I discovered these jungle invites by Tiny Prints.
She sported this darling birthday t-shirt, paired with this polka dotted head band.  Doesn't she look adorable?  With her polka-dotted jeans, knotted tee, and headband, she really rocked her "hipster" look.
We did a smash cake, but this was the reaction we got when she sampled the frosting…
Guests dined on lunch, followed by giraffe topped cupcakes

All in all, it was a spectacular party!  The sun came out just in time for cake and singing.  Happy birthday baby girl, we love you to the moon and back!
invitations c/o tiny prints