Paczki Day!

Fat Tuesday coincides with the Polish American celebration, Paczki Day. Paczki (pronounced poonch-key) are essentially jelly donuts. While the donuts don't seem too unique from your ordinary bakery donuts, the holiday gives you an excuse to indulge and bring home a box full of jelly and cream filled pastries. Yum!

My fiance grew up celebrating Paczki Day every year. My fiance is from the Detroit area in Michigan, where there is a large Polish community. As a result, many surrounding bakeries prepare paczki for this special day. Here in Seattle, they're a little harder to come by...but we discovered Metropolitan Market carries paczkis!

Now, buying a box of paczkis and eating them together has become a sweet tradition we celebrate together. Celebrate with us and go grab yourself a paczki (or just a donut and claim it's one!)

{pictures of the paczkis we picked up at Met Market}
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