Froyo & A Movie

My husband and I had frozen yogurt & a movie date night last night, a variation on your usual "dinner and a movie."  The froyo was excellent by the way - Menchie's is the latest and greatest thing to grace Seattle - a city that was seriously lacking in frozen yogurt for too many years.   My husband went for sweet: cheesecake + caramel while I opted for chocolate + pistachio swirl.  Delish!
Post froyo, we watched 50/50, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogan, and Anna Kendrick.  The  movie is about Adam (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), a successful 27-year old guy diagnosed with a rare form of spinal cancer and how his life is affected post-diagnosis.  Seth Rogan is superb as the there-for-you sidekick to Adam, providing welcome comic relief to Adam in his time of need. Anna Kendrick is pleasantly neurotic as Adam's psychiatrist, disclosing the fact that he's only her third patient ever during their first session.  The movie is well done, plus the bonus of a well paired soundtrack.  As whole - I felt the story to be honest, fairly realistic, and the characters were well developed.  Definitely check it out!
All in all - a great little date night!


Online shopping for...this, this, and this...

Enjoying the fact that it's Friday!!


Friday Link Love

+ Grey diamonds?  Yes, please!

+ Loving these coasters

+ Ever tried a dessert pizza?

+ Grape charm - love this outfit!

+ The ultimate top knot

+ Sweet dress for sunshine

+ Summer beverages: raspberry coronaritas, oh so refreshing


Dinner Last Night: Dijon Chicken Linguine with Mushrooms & Almonds

I found this recipe on pinterest and just had to make it, dijon chicken linguine with mushrooms and toasted almonds.    Luckily my husband took the liberty of cooking it up for us for dinner while I got to relax on the couch - awesome!  

We were missing a few ingredients so substituted to the best of our ability - chicken thighs for chicken breast and half and half for whipping cream.  While the flavor came out okay, I think the recipe would've been improved by original ingredients.  Definitely worth making again!

Would You Rather: Ireland or Iceland?

My husband and I are trying to plan a trip for this summer.  We're hoping we can cash in accrued miles for a destination in Europe.  Right now, two of our top contenders are Ireland and Iceland.  Two vastly different countries, both packed with enticing scenery, rich culture, and beautiful sights.  So, out of curiosity, I thought I'd ask y'all...would YOU rather go to Ireland OR Iceland?


So which is it?  Would you rather go to Ireland or Iceland?
(Or if you're anything like me BOTH!)
ireland photos/whatafy
ireland photos/philmack
ireland photos/pixmule
iceland photos/myopera
iceland photos/nomadicmatt
iceland photos/livelearninvest

Dinner Last Night: Cream of Potato Soup

Anyone who knows me know that potatoes are my all-time favorite food.  Hands down!   Mashed, scallops, au gratin, french fries, hash browns, baked, and everything in between, including cream of potato soup.  I've made my way through a handful of potato soup recipes and haven't really been wowed enough to repeat any of them.  But this one's a keeper + it utilizes one of my favorite kitchen tools - the handy-dandy crockpot, which makes it even more appealing in my book.

Add a bit of crumbled bacon, shredded cheddar, and green onions, on top, and holy potato, was it good!  (Note: if you plan to make leftovers, store bacon/toppings in a separate container than soup, otherwise bacon gets gross & soggy - no megusta!).


Happy Weekend

Hoping there is a crisp, sunny weekend in store.  Cross your fingers for us up here in Seattle, I've been reading about the east coast's bout of warm weather right now - and not going to lie, I'm a wee bit jealous!

I am so happy the weekend is here.  My report cards are complete, envelopes stuffed, and out of my hands, HALLELUJAH!  Translation: this means, I have the whole weekend to relax and have the option to leave my computer tucked away in its case all weekend should I choose. What a great feeling!

I'm looking forward to some much-needed shopping using belated birthday gift cards, maybe finish my book, run errands.  It sounds blissfully uneventful, and I'm quite excited for just that.

What are you up to?

Grapefruit Goodness

Lately, my favorite go-to dessert has been grapefruit.  The perfect combination of tart and sweet (and no chocolate necessary!  who knew?).  First, I went through a few weeks of indulging in broiled caramelized grapefruit, but my recent preference has been a grapefruit sliced into wedges, dipped in sugar.  

However, this grapefruit variation caught my eye.  Honey, sugar, and *the magic ingredient* cinnamon.  Holy yum!  Can't wait to try this.

Need a Little Green in My Life

Inspired by Bridget's post, I've decided I need more salad in my life.  Growing up, my dad NEVER ate salad.  He always claimed "I don't like the taste of lettuce," hence his salad plate was always filled with a heaping portion of broccoli, carrots, or some other miscellaneous vegetable while our salad plates were piled high.

My mom on the other hand, makes the BEST salads.  Ridiculously, memorably good.  They're always packed with ingredients; avocados, tomatoes, jicama, pomegranate seeds, nuts - you name it!  So I think after this mixed salad upbringing - I fall somewhere in the middle.  Not nearly as skilled as making delicious salads as my mom, but not quite as into salad, courtesy of my dad.

Come dinner time, I usually reach for the broccoli or asparagus as a salad substitute, but really, I just need to bring salads back.  Give me some ideas, friends.  What salads to you make for meals?  To preface meals?  

What fancy / unique / unusual / ordinary but exciting ingredients do you throw in the mix to spice up your good old greens? 


30 Years

 Today is my parents 30th wedding anniversary!  30 years of marriage, isn't that amazing?  I'm very proud of them, to me this is an admirable milestone.  I am so grateful for all that they've taught me, and I want to recognize and share their lasting, loving union, and celebrate their commitment to each other.

Congratulations Mom & Dad, we love you!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my handsome husband!  I'm so happy you are in my life.  It's been just 5 months since we were married, and I can't wait for all the months and years to follow!    

We'll be celebrating with a birthday dinner tonight  at comfort food restaurant of his choosing - just the two of us.  Can't wait to celebrate you!  

I love you, love you!  

Quote of the Week


Would You Rather: Beach House or Mountain Cabin?

I'm starting a new "Would You Rather" series.  Day to day plans, dreams, and wonderings I have, and I'd love for you to play along.

My first question, Would you rather have a beach house OR a mountain cabin?  I love dreaming about the future real estate I hope to own someday, so I'm curious what would you pick? I'm torn...

A beach house would be amazing, the soothing sound of the ocean waves lulling you to sleep every night.  Salty air, sand in your toes, sunshine over the outstretch of blue.  I can see it now.


A rustic-chic mountain cabin, nestled in the trees, maybe on a icy mountain creek... Quiet, peaceful, isolated from the craziness of the city.  A place where you can kick back, relax, and let your worries melt away.

Which would you pick?

One Crazy Week

Hello out there!  Phew, this has been one crazy week.  A little bit draining, emotionally exhausting,  and oh boy, am I glad it is Friday!  

My husband's birthday is next Monday so we're going out tonight to celebrate with friends. And, in honor of the commencement of March Madness, we're having a jersey party (as in sports jerseys, not Jersey Shore, just to be clear).  Should be a fun, casual evening with friends and family.
I'm excited!



Have you seen Smash?  I know, I know, I was skeptical at first too...  And the last thing I need is another TV show to follow.  My initial thoughts upon seeing previews were, "hmm, another Glee? really?"  But I have since drastically changed my tune.  This past weekend, I wasn't feeling so hot - hence, plenty of downtime on my hands, so I decided to check out Smash.  

OMG, it is incredible!  I was a Glee fan at the beginning, but this is 10-times better!  Katharine McPhee is phenomenal as the main character!  Most of the songs original songs and oh-so-catchy, I've caught myself singing them a few times sporadically.  I'd definitely go see "Marilyn" the musical, would you?


If I Went To...New York City

 Lately I've been dreaming of planning a trip back to the ever-exciting, ever-intriguing, New York City.  My sister and I were back for a day last Spring just before our youngest sister's graduation, but it was not nearly enough time.  

On my dream vacation (with an unlimited budget, of course) I would stay at The Hotel on Rivington, I mean, wow!  Along with a visit by Balthazar Bakery for some hazelnut hot chocolate and a croissant, a stroll through Brooklyn Bridge Park, and dinner at Prune, cheffed by the author of my fave latest reads, Blood, Bones, and Butter.

What are your favorite things to do in New York City?  
A girl can never have too many suggestions for a dream trip...

Hot Chocolate Fix

Are you a hot chocolate fan?
One of my students brought me back a tin of Jacques Torres hot chocolate from New York City, and I'm officially in love.  This is not the packets of Swiss Miss I grew up with, this is luxurious, velvety, decadent chocolate.  

I'm quite glad I discovered this as I'm trying to drink less caffeine.  A while ago, I did the math on how much caffeine I consume in a typical day...Yikes! So, needless to say, hot chocolate has been a splendid substitute.  

Happy Belated Birthday

I'm a bad sister.  Thursday was a crazy day, and I unfortunately didn't have an spare minute to post a *happy birthday* post to my littlest sister on her special day.  She's turning 23, I can't believe it!

Happy (Belated) Birthday sis!  We can't wait to celebrate next week. 143.

Dinner Last Night: Chilaquiles

 A few nights ago, my husband made chilaquiles.  Lately, I've seen various recipes for chilaquiles popping up all over around the blog world, and I decided it was high time we had to try out this recipe ourselves and see if it was worth all the hype.  Turns out, it is!  While there are many variations, the recipe we used called us to mix tortilla chips, chiles, onions, and lots of salsa in a skillet, top with a fried egg, and bake to make it until it's a plateful of crispy deliciousness.  

As you can see, my husband was very eager to eat his dinner!


Shabby Apple Giveaway: Winner!

And our Shabby Apple gift card winner is....

Congrats Alaine!  I will be contacting you soon with more info.  
Thank you to all of you who participating in my first giveaway!


Reading (and loving)...

Getting excited for...this and this

Planning my husband's surprise birthday gift, more to come on that later...

**Last chance to enter the Shabby Apple Giveaway** 


Calligraphy Aficionado

How did I forget to post about this?!  I've decided to pick up a new hobby - calligraphy!  We hired a local Seattle calligrapher to address our wedding invitations, and we were over the moon with the results!  The beautiful script truly enhances an invitation, I was so pleased with the results, I've been eager to try my hand at it ever since!

In late January, my friend Sarah and I took a 2-hour calligraphy class.  And man, let me tell you, calligraphy may look easy, but it is no easy task!  We used the old fashioned style "dip" calligraphy pens with metal nibs.  It took a while to get the hang of it, but inevitably we had a rhythm going.  

Now, at only 2-hours of practice, I'd hardly call myself an expert.  The next step in my plan to to acquire calligraphy supplies of my own and practice, practice, practice!  My long-term goal is that perhaps one day, I'll be experienced enough to make a side-business out of this.  Know anyone who needs a calligrapher?  Contact me in 1-2 years...  Here's hoping!


Happy March

Wow, can you believe it is March already?  Despite the chilly Seattle temperatures, I can see glimpses of Spring popping up in Seattle - breaks sun peeking through the clouds, pink blossoms dotting a tree here and there.  I can't wait!  Have a fantastic weekend!

Here are some new links from around the web. 

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(just won an Academy Award) - it is fantastic!

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+ Wouldn't you love to go on a Belgian waffle tour?

+ Dog lover?  Have you seen Maddie the Coonhound?


P.S. Don't forget, just 5 more days to enter the Shabby Apple Giveaway!


Print Love

Proud of your state, coast, or country?  Check out these sweet prints!  
Wishing there was a West Coast one so I could give my home coast a shout out!

Happy Birthday Mom!

It's my moms birthday today!  My mom is the coolest, quirkiest, most hilarious and wonderful mother I could ever ask for.  I can always count on her to make me laugh or dance around and be sing spontaneous silly songs.  You're the best!  Happy Birthday Mom!  I love you.  

Can't wait to celebrate with you tonight!