A Day of Snuggles

Today I took a sick day.  My little bug was up most of the night, with what turned out to be a double ear infection. Poor thing.  So today, instead of my usual grind of corralling and attempting to inspire 26 first graders, I spent the day at home, snuggling with my baby.  I'll admit I was tired, I didn't get much shut eye last night either, but somehow that didn't matter.  Cuddling her soft little body against my mine, her tired head heavy against my chest, little hands curling around my fingers in our laps.  Today was a day well spent.  A day where I can't get enough of being a mom, of the sweetness and wonderfulness of my little one.  Snuggling on the couch together, listening to her soft breathing beside me, and coaxing out a few "I'm feeling better" smiles.  These are the days I want to remember.  Days where I wore my yoga pants all day long, my hair is in a messy knot atop my head, not a stitch of make-up has been applied.  Days where the sink is full of dishes, and I'm dining on frozen pizza for dinner, but even in spite of this darn ear infection, everything in my life feels perfect.


Link Love

+ Paul Rudd's lip-sync off feature on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, his rendition of Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now" is PERFECTION, and um, has he aged at ALL since Clueless?!?  Love him!

+ Can't wait to make this cocktail - the Mexican hipster (P.S., love the name!)

+ Bette Midler's "Wing Beneath My Wings" at the Oscars…did anyone else cry like I did?

+ Jimmy Fallon and Jon Hamm photo bomb NYC tourists!

+ Parents lip sync spot-on to the Frozen soundtrack in the car, while their bored daughter in the backseat.  HILARIOUS!

+ The walking on eggshells CHALLENGE!



Don't let the overzealous CGI fire swirl of a cover deter you.  This book is pretty gripping!  At a girlfriends dinner a few weeks ago, I realized all of my closest friends had read this book, and peer pressure got the best of me...I downloaded it via kindle that evening to catch up in order to fully participate in the "Divergent dialogue" that I know will ensue at our next gathering.  Yes, we are that cool!

So…Divergent.  It kind of has a futuristic post-apocolyptic Hunger Games world combined with Hogwart's sorting hat and a splash of The Giver for a plot.  Does that help in the slightest?  It's the first in a trilogy, and it's pretty good so far.  And of course, there's already a movie debuting March 21st, I swear Hollywood moves at lightening speed these days, remember when it took years, decades even for a book to become a movie?!

Have you been sucked in yet?


Life Lately

Hello, out there.  Remember me?  It's been weeks since I've even opened feedly, and my latest glance at my own blog revealed a measly 11 posts this year.  Eleven.  Pathetic, I tell you.  My apologies  to the any loyal readers who are still out there.

While going back to work in January hasn't been consistent smooth sailing, I feel like we've finally fallen into a routine that's comfortable.  Needless to say, with only a few limited hours with my sweet girl, blogging has definitely been the short straw in terms of priorities.  However, I do really want to keep blogging, I love knowing that anecdotes of our life at this exact moment exist.  Words to capture the everyday snippets of our daily routine, the growth and sweet milestones of my daughter's life - so I can one day look back on these with warm nostalgia and remember when.

But between teaching 26 first graders all day long, running errands, making a semi-nutritious and/or healthy dinner, quality time with my husband, and of course playing, giggling, and loving up my daughter…sometimes at the end of the day, a heaping glass of red wine - boxed, of course ;) - and kicking my feet up while I indulge in an episode of Scandal is all I can manage.  And don't get me wrong, this is not a complaint in the slightest, as I sincerely love my life, and everything in it.  But truly, I'm curious, how do you find balance?  Somedays, I feel like I'm a master juggler, all the balls are gloriously floating through the air harmoniously in sync, others, it feels like I'm callously dropping balls left and right.  Is there a secret formula I am missing, or does it just take time and practice?  

What's your secret to balancing everything in your life?


Let It Go

This made me smile today, have you seen?  
What a great song.  Now, I MUST see this movie!  Have you seen Frozen?