July Favorites

Bringing back an oldie but goodie - these are a few of my favorite things in July 2016.  Here goes...

+ essie nail polish in muchi muchi, looks good on fingers and toes 

+ the martain (I know I'm late in the game to this movie, but for someone who doesn't really like space movies, I thought this was soo good)

+ heavy melon ale by new belgium, flavorful and refreshing

+ modern lovers, I'm about 30% through according to my kindle, and so far, so good

+ these sunglasses were my big summer purchase (with prescription lenses)

+ one of my fave DIY bloggers - Young House Love's new podcast

+ hartland brooklyn, my new favorite go to shop for stationary

+ enjoying this healthy dessert, frozen greek yogurt bark

What are you into this month?

Dinner Last Night: Beer Pulled Chicken & Popovers

Half Baked Harvest is officially my new favorite blog.  I also follow them on instagram, and their feed is perpetually mouthwatering, covering all ranges of meals, though they have an especially large vault of crockpot recipes which for this season of our lives is everything!

Including this delicious number that I made last night, crockpot beer pulled chicken and popovers, which was a huge hit with my daughter as well.  I had never made popovers before but was pleasantly surprised with how easy they were (essentially mix, pour, bake, and voila!).  We were out of canned corn so I substituted in a small can of green chiles and it was all good.


Quote of the Week

"Summer was our best season.  It was sleeping on the back screened porch in cots, or trying to sleep in the treehouse; summer was everything good to eat; it was a thousand colors in a parched landscape." 

~ Harper Lee

Emily's Shower

Love is in the air, summer is officially around the corner, and we're on the brink of wedding season.  A such, tis the season for bridal showers!  I co-hosted a bridal shower for my dear friend Emily last weekend and thought I'd share some of the details.  
In keeping with Emily's wedding colors; rose quartz, eucalyptus green, champagne, and gold, we opted to play up the pink with accent colors throughout the brunch spread.  We kicked off our planning with formal paper invitations (always a must in my book), and Tiny Prints must've read my mind as they had many options featuring my preferred color of rose quartz AND invites indicating brunch.  We settled on this invite as it was simply perfect, though we considered these beautiful contenders.
I had a friend who dabbles in cupcakes help me with fine tune a perfect shade of rose quartz frosting to match the decor.
We played a fun "how well do you know your fiance" game, followed by presents and dessert.

What a lovely day!  Cheers to Emily!

Friday Fun

Happy holiday weekend everyone!  My sisters are flying in for the weekend, and we've in for a big family gathering in addition to celebrating the fourth!  Have a wonderful weekend.

+ how women really feel about cat calls and street harassment

+ one woman's perspective on the reality of rape culture

+ these turkey sandwich skewers look amazing

+ changes in teen behavior today - this surprised me

+ pinning every crockpot recipe this blog has to offer, yum!

+ netflix is now streaming ALL disney!!!

+ summer boredom is a good thing- so psychologists say

+ how not to look like a tourist on an Italian beach

+ okay, now t's time to clean your phone

+ the biggest decorating trend from the year you were born

+ my favorite motherhood around the world series is back!!

+ hoping to make this patriotic pie this weekend