Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday Fun

+ somewhere I've always wanted to go

+ a dip that's healthy-ish?

+ loving this flared skirt

+ mindy kaling & b.j. novak are writing a book together

+ just bought these for summer - i've gone granola

+ a refreshing watermelon salad for BBQ season

+ someday soon I will bake this cake at home

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Cookbook Crush

Per my usual method of trying out cookbooks (checking them out from my local library) - I've found a new gem - Food 52's Genius Recipes!  This cookbook reads more like an anthology, handpicking recipes from dozens of chefs all famous in their area of expertise - so there is a lot of gustatory variety without being over-the-top fancy.  A few recipes that caught my hungry eye; roasted applesauce, salt-crusted potatoes with cilantro mojo, rosemary-brined buttermilk fried chicken, and dense chocolate loaf cake...just to name a few.


Saturday, May 16, 2015

Saturday Snooze

+ will someone make this cake for me

+ seeing the 7 wonders of the world in 13 days (with a new boyfriend of all people)

+ lung cancer vaccine in the works?

+ do you think this bra lives up to its name?

+ no more tangles - so they say

+ beautiful backless gown (and wedding)

+ 10 lifestyle choices to ease anxiety

+ looking forward to seeing this musical this summer

+ Speaking of musicals, did you hear this movie's the next one?

+ my favorite dairy queen topping at home!


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Reader Bug

Hello out there, may I inquire, what are you reading these days?  I've finally brushed the dust off my kindle and polished off a few good reads in recent weeks; first The Boys in the Boat, which was especially interesting to read as it's a true story set in my hometown.  Followed by the much buzzed about The Girl on the Train - read this in 3 days flat, quite a feat these days.  And finally, a girly chic-lit that pure fluff but a scrumptious read- The Royal We, a fictional knock-off of the Kate and Will love story, only this time "Kate" is an American. I need a new book.  Any suggestions?


Friday, May 8, 2015

Friday Fun

+ suddenly craving carrot cake

+ seven realistic uses for coconut oil

+ the secret to female friendship

+ loving this springy dress

+ exploring google street view

+ thoroughly enjoying this kate/will inspired fictional read

+ learning new things about my city everyday

+ a tempting new broccoli recipe

+ mindy project - cancelled!?!  say it ain't so

+ claiming to be damn good face wash - reviews don't lie

Have a sunny weekend!  Happy Mother's Day!


Monday, April 27, 2015

The Pie Project #5 - Strawberry Rhubarb

People, I'm on a pie-making roll!  Well, if you consider two pies in two weeks a roll (which as a full-time working mom, I certainly do!).  Strawberry rhubarb is probably my second favorite pie out there, if not a tie with apple.  Because I have feared missing the narrowly small window that is rhubarb season, I decided to seize my Saturday night and make a pie.  Domestic goddess or crazy woman - the jury is still out...

Now, I've made plenty of strawberry rhubarb crisps, but never a whole pie.  As usual, I subscribed to trustworthy Martha Stewart for this recipe, and followed fellow bakers advice to add extra cornstarch - which totally worked!  I ended up scratching the lattice crust for a basic pie crust - and it tasted just fine, but next time I think I'd attempt the lattice if only for a pretty presentation.  

Best part - pie for breakfast the last 2 days.  Can't beat that!

Past Pies * one * two * three * four


The Pie Project #4: Chicken & Veggie Pot Pie

In my quest to make the perfect pie, I hadn't initially anticipated a savory pie would make my list. However, there's a first for everything, so here goes.  

I never grew up eating chicken pot pie, it just wasn't part of our dinner repertoire.  My mom didn't make too many casserole-type dishes, in lieu of fish, steak, or chicken.  However, my husband remembers it being a staple of his Midwestern childhood.  So, to satisfy his craving, I made this version which Real Simple boasted this recipe a fan favorite recipe in their 15th anniversary issue.  

I took it a step further and made my own crust (Joy the Baker's cold butter crust with slightly less sugar, recipe from Homemade Decadence).  Here's my version (pictured below).  Not too bad, right?  
The pot pie was pretty tasty - and made for superb leftovers for the next two days.  Definitely a recipe I'd try again, and despite the milk involved, it did seem a little on the lighter side as pot pies go.

Past Pies * one * two * three



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