Quote of the Week

"And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world 
around you because the greatest secrets are always 
hidden in the most unlikely of places.  
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it."
~ Roald Dahl


Last Great Book I Read: A Man Called Ove

It's been a while since I've read a book I could emphatically recommend.  Until last week, when I read the final pages of A Man Called Ove. For me a good book is markedly met with happiness and sadness.  Happy that you found such a captivating gem of a read, and sad in that the story is over, and there's no more to be had.  

If my review isn't enough, the Amazon review speak quite highly of this book as well, with over 3,000 enthusiastic review after review, overall just shy of five stars.

So you want to know about Ove?  He's a curmudgeonly old man.  He subscribes to philosophies of the old world; routine, order, and following the rules.  Some might call him a grump, a bugger, a mean old fart, but he is staunch in his beliefs, respects honest labor, hard work, and as a strong sense of justice.  As such, he is wary of new people, and change he can't comprehend, namely technology, laziness, and situations that can't be fixed with the contents of a workman's toolbox.

The story is woven together, vacillating between Ove's past and the present; as he navigates a new chapter with the overtly friendly, though absurdly unhandy neighbors next door, countered with glimpses into Ove's past which shed light on why he is the way he is.  The story is quite charming, flecked with moments of sadness, laughter, and unlikely friendship.

It's pretty good.  You should check it out!


Lovely Little Reads

Hello and welcome to a new segment on the blog, Lovely Little Reads.  One of my goals as a parent is to try and instill a lifelong love of learning in my children.  Call it the teacher in me.  Call it the happy satisfaction I get from checking out, reading, and returning library books.  Bottom line, I have a deep fondness for children's books, and have decided to share my favorite literary gems here in this space, with you.  I intend to post books worth reading, oldies, newbies, and everything in between with some snippets as to why they might be worth your while.

Take this book, Twenty Yawns, written by Pulitzer Prize winner Jane Smiley (as if that wasn't enough to convince you).  The story is sweet, endearing, and will truly have you yawning twenty times if not more by the time you finish.  A perfect way to cap off a bedtime routine with your little one.

Join me on this literary journey over at instagram at lovely.little.reads and happy reading.

Friday Fun

+ an interesting conversation in defense of naturally curly hair

+ calling Zach Morris!  The Max, Saved by the Bell's diner emerges in Chicago!

+ wouldn't it be lovely to rent Julia Child's cottage in Provence?!

+ where kids play - see how playgrounds differ around the globe

+ how to do Paris with a toddler

+ taking notes on this family of 6's US road trip

+ a beautiful snapshot of Ireland in pictures

+ growing up in the age of likes and lols...I find this sad and scary as a parent

+ how to throw a donut party, yum!


Dinner Last Night: Slow Cooker Beef Lettuce Wraps with Quick Pickles

Did I tell you about the time I broke our crock pot?  Oh yes, well, a few weeks ago, while my husband was away, I was doing kitchen clean up and as I lifted the ceramic dish from the crock, my foot slipped, causing me to lose my balance and drop it.  It immediately broke into about 4 large pieces and a few scant slivers, and I proceeded to burn my leg with scalding hot tikka masala sauce.  Ouch!  Oh yeah, and did I mention, we had our kitchen cleaned the day before?  Arrgggh...

So after two weeks without our trusty crock pot, we decided it was too long of a hiatus, we must invest in another!  This little diddy turned out to be quite a tasty dinner, wrapped up in homegrown romaine leaves from our garden and paired with our favorite coconut rice.  Crock pot for the win!  It's good to have you back little buddy.

Link Love

Hello my readers, wow it has been over a month since I last blogged.  Where does the time go?! In the interim, I have been buoyed by the glorious spring weather, play dates with friends, a little boxed wine after bedtime, and just simply soaking up the sweetness of my littles at 2 and a half and 6 months.  

Here are some things I've been into lately.

+ Catching up on the last few months of Kelle Hampton's posts (I find little nuggets of wisdom, and "let me write that down" sayings and parenting inspiration every time I read her blog.

+ Finding myself falling down a rabbit hole that is youtube channels.  Seriously.  Watch a few at nap time and then poof, nap time is over.  Lately I've been watching episodes of Mimi Ikonn's vlog.

+ Loving a few new instagram feeds that feature children's literature, always looking for good kids books around here!  My library queue is growing by the day thanks to their sweet recommendations.  Current faves include the.book.report and hereweeread, let me know if you have others!

+ For those of you also missing Parenthood, check out this series debuting this fall, This is Us.  Looks pretty good!

+ Pinning recipes like crazy.  A nibble of this first, then onto devour this appetizer, followed by this salad, oh and maybe this salad too...and then this entree, and then maybe this and a little bit of that for dessert.  Hungry yet?


Quote of the Week

"Life is worth living as long as there's a laugh in it."
- L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

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