Fall Favorites

I keep meaning for this to be a monthly post, but the month-to-month format has me constantly feeling behind, hence, switching the titles of these posts to seasonal or just for fun recent favorites.

+ this awesome hair styling cream for all the days you don't blow dry your hair (read: everyday)

+ I've adopted the first two steps of Clare Lyons' beauty uniform and my skin feels amazing and noticeably more smooth amazing!

+ Stranger Things 2 on Netflix.  Have you seen it?? Soooo good, and I don't usually like sci-fi, science fiction, monster-type shows.

+ And while we're watching Netflix, if you need a political drama, have you watched Madam Secretary?  I love Tea Leoni and Tim Daly's chemistry (did you know they're together in real life?).

+ this gluten-free pumpkin pancake mix at Trader Joe's...the best!

+ these vegan/paleo coconut butter cups (I'm partial to mint cream)

What are your favorite things this fall?

Podcast Love: The Rewatchables

Something you may not know about me, I take my podcasts very seriously.  Since I have discovered this amazing medium, I have devoured hours upon hours of content.  My current playlist hosts a plethora of topics; politics, happiness, parenting, movies, love stories, and more.  Hence, I consider myself a podcast connoisseur - if you will...  Thus, here commences a new series, affectionately and perhaps tentatively entitled, "podcast love."

Something else you may not know about me, I love rewatching old movies.  If I like a movie, I'll likely watch it again.  Whether it's the good old days of rewatching on TNT or AMC, or the current times we live in via Amazon Prime or Netflix, I do enjoy watching familiar favorites from the comfort of my cozy couch.
Which is why the concept of The Rewatchables intrigued me, a multi-hosted debriefing of some of my favorite movies?  Yes, please!  

Each episode is about 45 minutes long, and hosted by 2-3 people (hosts change depending on movie type).  There is a familiar format that I appreciate; debriefing other actors and actresses that were up for the part, favorite scenes, notable lines, what parts of the movie have aged the best/worst since it's inception, what would be different if they made this movie today, etc. etc.  

So far, I've listened to the episodes for You've Got Mail, Clueless, The Departed, and Jerry Maguire.  If you consider yourself a rewatcher - I highly recommend you check out their list and check it out!

Nicholos Cleves

This article. Man, does it deserve a read.  In the wake of all this senseless gun violence in the United States this fall, it's hard not to feel helpless, overwhelmed, anxious, deeply afraid, and devastated.

One thing that always comes to my mind is how quickly the news cycle moves on, jerking the spotlight away from those who were directly impacted.  The dead.  The wounded.  Why don't we ever hear about the wounded?  They may not have died in the tragedy, but their lives were forever changed.

For all of the nameless, faceless people that our world quantifies in numbered headlines, "26 dead," "9 dead," etc...these individuals who may not have been important people in your life, but are important people to somebody, this article sheds remembers the gift and circumstance of one man among many, someone who died too young, and is remembered by his heartbroken friends.

Weekend Baking: Birthday Cake (Gluten Free, Dairy Free)

Was channeling my inner domestic goddess this weekend as I made two birthday cakes from scratch for my son's birthday party.  For the majority of our gluten and dairy eating guests - my son included, I made this delicious chocolate cake which is my go-to for birthdays, topped with this peanut butter frosting.

Since my best friend was in town (who's been GF/DF for years) and not wanting to miss out on the cake festivities myself, I made this gluten and dairy free chocolate cake with coconut cream frosting (note: recipe reads as vegan, but I subbed 4 flax eggs with 4 eggs).  Not trying to toot my own horn, but the cake was pretty delicious!  Highly recommend for anyone with dietary restrictions that just wants a real honest to goodness moist and flavorful chocolate cake that tastes like chocolate cake!

Friday Fun

It's the weekend!!  What a gorgeous week it's been in the Seattle area, crisp blue, cloudless skies, and the vibrant fall colors bursting on the trees, just beginning to carpet the ground.  My favorite time of year!  This weekend we're hosting friends for a little birthday party and friend gathering to celebrate our little guy's 2nd birthday, and other than that, planning to get outside to enjoy a lovely fall weekend!

+ Did you know Bill Gates and Steve Jobs raised their kids tech-free?

+ the aftermath of a canceled wedding

+ For Washingtonians, many recyclables are ending up in landfills - here's why

+ more than 800 people have been shot to death since the Las Vegas massacre...

+ if you've had a rough day, or read too many articles like the one above and just need a little laugh, watch this lip sync battle (if you don't have time for the whole clip, start at the 4:00 mark, Paul Rudd is hilarious!)

+ the return of Stranger Things! anyone else watching this weekend?


September Favorites

+ nutpods dairy/gluten-free, whole 30 approved coffee creamer

+ these handy dandy name labels for my kids clothing and supplies

+ la la land and hidden figures (both now on HB0 streaming)

+ speaking of movies, have you seen captain fantastic, so, so good! (streaming on amazon prime)

+ reading a bunch of chic lit "beach reads" by this author, so far my favorites are the perfect match, waiting on you, and anything for you

+ this "pizza" spaghetti casserole (paleo, gluten/dairy free)

+ this Ed Sheeran song...swoon

Weeknight Baking: Chocolate Zucchini Bread (Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan)

While our summer garden is fading fast, we recently picked the few remaining zucchini off the vine, and with no other plans for the produce, we opted to make zucchini bread!  My daughter made chocolate zucchini bread at a cooking camp this summer, and has been eager to replicate the recipe in our own kitchen ever since. Thus, my little sous chef and I decided to make this delicious chocolate zucchini bread together.  While it wasn't quite her recipe, she did enjoy grating the zucchini, sifting the cocoa powder, and stirring the various ingredients into the batter.

The recipe listed is vegan, but I substituted 3 eggs for the flax eggs listed, and it turned out just fine; moist, flavorful, and oh-so-chocolatey.  You really can't tell there's any zucchini in this bread, and it was sure was delicious!