Happy Halloween

Have a spooky, scary, frightful Halloween!


Election Hungry?

Hungry for the election? Snack on these election day treats: Obama O's and Captain McCain's. It appears that Obama O's are preferred almost 2:1, wonder if that's some sort of premonition... image/airbedandbreakfast

I Heart SF

While in San Francisco I was the ultimate tourist, cruising many a neighborhood for various outings. My friend Lindsay and I strolled through the Mission, Castro, Marina, Pacific Heights, Presidio, North Beach, Cow Hollow, and Chinatown...and maybe some more that I was blissfully unaware of.

That's why I'm loving these Ork Poster neighborhood maps, it's a great way to revisit those remote corners of your favorite cities.

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Color Me Happy

This pencil tree is a teacher's dream! What a world it would be if I could afford to dress up each table group in my classroom with a lovely, organizing pencil tree.

Then when if I heard the typical, unhappy cry of "There are no yellows left! So-and-so won't share his yellow with me!" I could do a quick classroom scan and *Voila* there it is! A fresh, sharpened yellow pencil in sight, within reach, and then effortlessly transferred into the child's hand.

(Sigh) Wouldn't that be nice...

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Caught in a Moment

A sneak peek into W's latest Brad & Angelina spread - private family photos that actually seem candid and real - as opposed to the glorified glamor shots posted in People Magazine when baby #4 Shiloh was born.

I realize that this unconventional beauty is not a favorite of most, but I have to say, I think she is genuinely interesting, inspiring, and unique. I absolutely adore these candid shots of her with her brood. My favorite, frame worthy pictures are almost always black and white candids, where the subject is caught mid-laughter yet avoiding the camera's gaze.


Calender Crush

The dawn of 2009 is nearing, and with that comes the annual investment of a calendar. I'm thoroughly enjoying these little desk calendars by the lovely Alyson of unruly.things via seventy & sunny. Don't waste anytime, you may have to pencil something in for next year!


Take a Breath

Lately I've been go-go-go, so much to do, so many deadlines to meet, so many emails to return, people to call, when did life suddenly decide to charge full speed ahead? While I know I can't evade going out on Halloween (my costume, after all, is a fabulous flamenco dancer)...I think I'm going to plan for a low key night on Saturday. After Halloween is put to bed for yet another year, I think I'm going to stay in and catch up on some R&R. A good book, some take-out, my comfy sweat pants...after go-go go, that sounds positively wonderful! image/ffffound

The Moves

Anyone watch Gossip Girl last night? Looks like Lil J is destined for the dark side...unless white knight Nate can straighten her course. Yes, I know this GG image wasn't from last night's episode, but it got me thinking. What is it that TV, movies, basically every entertainment avenue cashes in on this move: the guy "helping" or demonstrating to the girl the "correct" moves to hit a cue ball, swing a golf club, throw a football, or basically anything semi-sporty. Meanwhile the girl demurely feigns ignorance, and blissfully bats their eyes. I'm curious to know, has anyone ever had this move tried on them? Or even better - fallen for this move? I'd really like to know!

Cat Nap

I'm back from a lovely weekend in San Francisco. The weather was absolute perfection, seventy-five to eighty degrees (didn't expect t-shirt and jeans weather to be toasty in late October), minimal winds, and blue skies as far as the eye could see. However, back at work, Monday morning, afternoon, and now early evening I've been sooo tired. Please excuse my early bedtime, I shall return tomorrow with a rejuvenated batch of posts.

Au Revoir

My bags are packed (almost), I'm ready to go. The forecast is seventy and sunny - off to San Francisco for the weekend. Cheers to a fabulous beyond fabulous weekend!


Lovely Leanne

Another season of Project Runway is now behind us, and the winner is....LEANNE! With the demise of crazy Kenley and likeable Kator, Leanne takes the cake with her architectural petals.

Funny story - my friend Moira actually ran into Leanne in a swanky Portland restaurant shortly before the finale aired. According to her, Leanne's looks and personality were definitely dulled by the tube - a.k.a. she is much cuter in person!

Congratulations Leanne!


Reese's Pieces

Glamor goddess Reese Witherspoon looks absolutely stunning in the latest issue of Vogue. Photographed in the luminary city of light, Reese lights up Paris over croque monsieur's at Brasserie Lipp, chic leaning at the Hôtel de Crillon, and dress and dazzle at Nina Ricci Atelier. This lovely photo spread makes me want to jet off to Paris tomorrow, or at the least buy this issue and live vicariously through Reese...

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Fall Wardrobe

I am loving the look of Anthropologie this fall...chunky scarves, knit hats, textured coats, lovely all around! If only that store was easy on my wallet...



Get excited, a new week has begun! This week is no ordinary one for me, as I have begun my countdown to San Francisco! I am jet-setting out of town for a lovely weekend in SF with one of my best girlfriends! I'm already brainstorming a handful of perfect autumn outfits for my visit to a city with weather as unpredictable as my own...T minus 4 days! image/zimbio

On the House

Anyone ever tried these? I'm always a sucker for a clever wine label, and while these labels are not nearly as clever as they come, the simplified design does pose intrigue to me. Thus far, I've tried the original house (both red and wine), but I'm curious to sample the steak and fish varieties. Quite honestly, I've sampled these wines not for their impeccable flavor but for their price, and Ihave to say, not bad! In need of a quick, cheap table wine, reach for a House bottle. So, what'll it be? image/magnificent wine


It's Friday...you know what that means, time to cut loose, take a risk, challenge yourself to try something new, jump into the deep end and make a big splash! Have a good one...by the way if you do do something totally wild & crazy like this picture, I fully expect to hear about it on Monday! image/studyabroadtcu

Love is in the Air

What a fun post-wedding photo shoot. Brooklyn Bride captures real life couple reliving the big day by posing about town the day after...Love the personal touches in these photographs, the Tiffany-blue bicycle, candid expressions, and the loyal family dog. Little details that definitely add personality and individuality to make it so much more than any-old wedding shot.

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Good Eats

When the weather starts to gather a chill, and the rain descends on our lovely city, it is so much easier to camp out indoors rather than brave the elements. With the warmth of the fire - or space heater in my case - comes the inkling for down home comfort food. Nothing reminds me more of the comforts of home than warm, hearty meals. And the ultimate comfort food is...mac & cheese (who's with me?). A brief survey of the Food Network lead me to this delicious sounding recipe that may not be good for the waistline, but it's definitely good for the heart & soul, "Dressed-Up Bacon Mac & Cheese." Mmm...lock your doors, light a fire, grab your sweetie, and indulge! image+recipe/foodnetwork

Orange You Beautiful

The air is crisp, autumn leaves of all colors litter the streets, and lately the moon seems brighter and higher in the sky. Doesn't it just feel like a pumpkin patch kind of day?


Curb Your Spending?

Do you think the message on this billfold wallet would curb your spending? Not sure it would work for me...I think in reality, I might glimpse at the message, briefly hesitate, and purchase whatever it was anyway. However, if you have more self-restraint than I do, it might be worth a try! image/etsy


Woke up feeling kind of like this today....tired, eyes open, my body not wanting to pull itself out of bed, or sluggish at best. Wouldn't it be nice if I could sleep in a few more minutes? image/sharonmontrose

Mashed BOOtatoes

Leave it to Martha Stewart to take Halloween eats to a new level! Mashed BOOtatoes anyone?
Perhaps a side of lady fingers and man toes...(don't worry, they're just pretzels with almond fingernails...creepily creative huh?)
Finish off your meal with one of these monster creepcakes...images/marthastewart

Photographer Love

I just discovered famed Vogue photographer Tim Walker...and I am in awe. His photographs have a dreamy Alice in Wonderland quality that is simply lovely. Thanks to That Unreliable Girl for introducing me to this artistic genius!


Star Fruitful

It always makes me happy when star fruit appears on the grocery store shelves. I used to beg my mom to buy starfruit, not really for the flavor, but the whimsical shape. Call me easily amused, but was always exciting for me to dine on star shaped fruit for dessert.

Curious to see if this fruit has any potential other that aesthetic appeal and juicy flavor, I googled "star fruit recipes." Lo and behold, there are quite a few! While most incorporate star fruit as some type of dessert topping, this one I found to be rather intriguing...star fruit steak! Yes indeed, strange was my first thought, but those who've tried it gave it stellar reviews! Feeling adventurous in the kitchen?


Would You Rather?

Would you rather have your ultimate dream wedding, or a check for $30,000. JoAnna asks, you tell...so what's the verdict? image/springcovemanner

Going Pink

In celebration of Breast Cancer Awareness month, Laura Bush commissions the White House to go pink! Little did I know, the first lady is an active advocate for breast cancer research. The pink tint to the house is an effort to raise awareness and encourage donations toward collaborate research endeavors to find a cure.



I was introduced to these whimsical, handmade skunkboy creatures via one of my new favorite blogs, mackin ink. I thought these little guys looked at though they had personality, soft, imperfect, and entirely loveable.

My favorite is Ophelia the octopus, although the owl twins, Camille & Owly, run a close second. Don't think I've ever owned an octopus stuffed animal before...

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