Dinner Last Night: Creamy Butternut Squash Alfredo

When I saw this recipe on Little Baby Garvin, my first reaction was YUM!! I need to make that this week!  I've never been a huge fan of fettuccine alfredo, it's a little too rich for my taste, but it's one of my husband's favorites.  Aside from the pasta and 1 cup of milk, this recipe is mostly vegetable based, so it's definitely on the lighter side as alfredos go.  I served with crumbled applewood smoked baked and pomegranate seeds - the perfect garnish of salty and sweet.  It was delicious!  Also, just a note, there was plenty of sauce to go around, I ended up freezing half for a later date.  Definitely a repeat recipe.

Weekend Baking: Pumpkin Scones

Tis the season for pumpkin, and I just can't get enough!  This weekend, I made these pumpkin scones during nap time.  I didn't have cranberries on hand (who does in October!?) so I substituted in a large handful of pomegranate seeds, which turned out splendidly and was visually appealing as well, as though dotted with deep red jewels.  


Friday Fun

Happy fall and happy due date to me!  Yep, today is the predicted date of our sweet babe's arrival.  We'll see if he/she decides to make a grand entrance.  Stay tuned!

+ loving this new nail polish shade for fall

+ a new favorite food blog

+ this candle probably smells A-MAZING

+ adorable kids tee for the kiddo that's a total ham

+ quite possibly the best bread bowl ever

+ loving rifle paper co.'s holiday collection

Quote of the Week

"One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, 
if one has not dined well."
~ Virginia Woolf


Pumpkins Galore

Here's a smattering of pumpkin recipes that have caught my eye this past week.


Dinner Last Night: Eggplant Parmesan

Call it an old wives tale, but they claim that eggplant parmesan can stimulate labor.  While I know this isn't the famous recipe that boasts this claim to fame, it's simple and easy to prepare, and made for a delicious dinner.  My husband - who is a reluctant eggplant eater at best - even cleaned his plate!

I'll keep you posted if it works…

Fall Favorites: Pumpkin Apple Muffins

I love all things about fall.  The warm, homey scents in the air, the vibrant colors and crisping of the leaves, the slight hint of chill in the air, and the aromatic flavors of fall.  And if you can't tell already, I love anything and everything pumpkin.  I recently found this recipe for pumpkin apple muffins, with a delightful crunchy streusel topping.  I didn't have the energy to make the accompanying cinnamon cream butter, but it sounds equally delicious.  Enjoy!


Fall Favorites: Starbucks Fall Cups

Is it just me, or is anyone else smitten with these fall Starbucks cups?  I love the design, it's so festive and fun for fall!  Talk about good marketing, it definitely makes me want to go out and get a fall-flavored latte.  I've always been a fan of the pumpkin spice latte (though I go for 1-pump, not 3, as it's too sweet for me), but I just recently tried their new toasted graham latte, and it's pretty good!  Anyone else tried it yet?  It's less sweet than pumpkin spice, with a creamy, subtle note of graham cracker.