By the Lake

After a grueling 24 hours of traveling (Zagreb to Zurich to London to Seattle)...I am home. It feels good to be home. I've decided to post a few of my travel pics little by little while I readjust to the Pacific time zone...

Here's a glimpse of Bellagio, Italy on the banks of beautiful Lake Comomyphotos

Sitting and Watching

The hours after "siesta" are prime people-watching time in Italy...everyone wakes from their afternoon nap, ventures outside to a shady bench or window sill and watches the passerbys. I love this Italian tradition, all the little old men and ladies saunter out, perched on their canes for this social hour.
Another great thing - since dryers require too much power and energy, most people opt for the air-dry method via clothes resourceful, and a few wrinkles never hurt anyone.

By the Beach...

A few more photos from Italy....
me at the beach in Santa Margeritagorgeous Portofino, Italy my boyfriend and I in Portofino the whole family in Portofinomy boyfriend and I, overlooking the Mediterranean in Corniglia, Italy
overlooking Vernazza, Italy on Via dell'Amore Cinqueterre hike

my sisters and I on the hike Vernazza beach
sunset at the beach in Camogli, Italy

Italian Markets

Just stopping in to post a few pictures from my adventures in Italy...

One of my favorite things is the open markets, every morning without fail the market is bustling with boisterous Italians, gathering the necessary produce, meat, and cheese for the days meal. This is our local market for the week, just down the hill from the villa where we're staying.

And I'm Off!

My European adventure starts tomorrow my lovelies...departing to Lake Como, Italy, to begin my fabulous summer vacation abroad. I'll be on a blog sabbatical, but hoping to check in from time to time with pictures of my trip. Bon voyage!


Raise the Flag

Before I jet off to Italy and Croatia next Tuesday, I'm going to do my part in honoring our country by making this delectable Flag Cake for my friends and I at our 4th of July BBQ. Looking forward to sunshine, sparklers, and a whole lotta red, white, and blue!

Any fun plans? Fill me in, what are y'all up to on our this lovely independence day?


Foodie Friday - Key Lime

There's something tart and tangy about the flavor of Key Lime. While most associate it with the meringue topped pie, the flavor is multi-faceted and can be a fabulous flavor infusion to other dishes, including this - grilled swordfish skewers with coconut, key lime, and green chile sauce. Now this is the way to keep it tart and spicy!

Foodie Friday - Key Lime

Here's another great key lime recipe, pack the extra limes and your seafood and prepare for a 4th of July feast with grilled salmon with key lime butter for a simple yet flavorful marinade.

Pop for the King

Pepsi's way of honoring a music legend...image/dieline

Virtual Paris

Just discovered the greatest site - experience "virtual Paris" at photojpl. It's not quite the same as standing amidst the City of Light, but still pretty extraordinary!

via littlebrownpen