Quote of the Week

"You must not lose faith in humanity.  Humanity is like an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty." 

~ Gandhi


Elf the Musical

Last night I went and saw Elf the Musical with two of my college girlfriends.  All three of us are HUGE fans of the movie, and were quoting all of Will Ferrell's hilarious one liners non stop throughout happy hour up until the moment the curtain opened.

Now, we all know Will Ferrell's character Buddy makes Elf the movie.  His child-like awe, enthusiasm, and ridiculous behavior is the best part.  So... we weren't sure how that would translate to theater, with a different character playing the lead, Buddy the Elf.  Plus, the addition of song and dance numbers, something that isn't really present in the movie.

The verdict: the play was hilarious!!!  The play followed the same storyline as the movie, with entertaining and jazzy song and dance numbers peppered throughout.  There was a particularly funny Santa number with a slough of drunk Santas marooning at a bar - amazing!  And Buddy the stage version - hilarious!  So funny!  My friends and I were laughing out loud, and talking about the play all the way home (always a good sign in my opinion).

It's only playing in Seattle or NYC, if you live close by, I highly recommend it!

Crispy Lemon Zest

I saw a culinary tip in my latest Martha Stewart Living magazine, and I can't wait to try it - crisp lemon zest.  According to Martha, "frying zest gives it a crisp texture and a caramelized flavor."  Brilliant, right?  Simply use a vegetable peeler to remove the rind of 2 lemons, slice the peels into matchsticks.  Place 1/4 inch oil in a pan over medium-high heat.  Add zest to hot oil; cook about 3 seconds.  Strain oil before serving, or use oil and zest together in a marinade or dressing. 
Can't wait to try this!


Light It Up

It's a Christmas-lights-putting-up-kind-of-Saturday!  I realize we're starting a wee bit late, but better late than never, right?  One of my favorite holiday memories as kids was driving through a handful of different neighborhoods oohing and awing at the glowing Christmas lights brightening up the night.  

In the spirit of the holiday season, I attended my husband's holiday party last night, and I'm also partaking in my college girlfriends' 8th annual ornament exchange.  Hard to believe we've been out of college for EIGHT years now, but I'm happy the tradition has lived on as we've grown up.  

Now for a few holiday links from around the web.  Have a merry weekend!

* * *

+ Now bring us some figgy pudding!  Centerpieces for Christmas dinner.

+ Ho Ho Ho on your walls

+ A magical night at the North Pole (complete with reindeer buffet)

+ Merry "Kissmas" and a "Chappy" New Year

+ Snacks for Santa - peppermint brownie pops

* * *


Dinner Last Night: Carrot Soup

It was feeling like a soup kind of night.  During the election hoopla, I came across this recipe, Ann Romney's carrot soup, and bookmarked it for a later date.  The Romneys may have lost the election, but they sure know how to make a hearty soup! 

Cats vs. Dogs

Usually I find that my friends fall into one of two categories - they are cat people or dog people.  I'm definitely a cat person.  Not only do I own a cat (and not a dog), but I prefer the docile, lazy, quiet-yet-loving nature of cats.  They are independent, self-sufficient, and affectionate when cared for.  While I grew up with dogs and plan on having a dog in the future, I sometimes find dogs constant neediness for attention exhausting.
A friend sent me this video which poses the cat vs. dog question through a new lens.  Entertaining to say the least, I was laughing out loud!  If the typical actions of cats and dogs were transferred to humans, it might look something like this...
No matter your stance on the issue, watch for a laugh!