A Lovely Affair

Baillie & Bill were married yesterday - on the hottest day in Seattle this year, and it was absolutely beautiful. Everything went flawlessly, from the updo's to the flowers to the flower girl marching down the aisle. It was a lovely affair, and I felt truly honored to be able to be behind the scenes, celebrating and helping my friend get ready on her wedding day. Cheers to the bride & groom!
Baillie the very happy and excited bride!Baillie's gorgeous bouquet
getting ready to put on the wedding dressbridal party photos on UW Campus (me on the left with my friend and fellow bridesmaid Tara)
first look
the happy couple


Happy Friday

Have a fabulous and relaxing weekend!


Little Red Bike

I really want a vintage bike like this one, with the old fashioned pedal brakes and basket. Today in the early morning, I can already tell it's the perfect day for a bike ride along the beach. Breezy, sunny, and warm.



I don't know about you, but I need a laugh today. Squint in and check out this wine label for Fat bastard wines. Perhaps this rhino/hippo is the wine's namesake, as he actually sinks into the label. Haha, it's the little things in life...



Baillie's wedding is this weekend, thus the countdown has officially begun. We had a successful rehearsal last night at the wedding site. The bride carried her bouquet of ribbons saved up from the bridal shower, and the bridesmaids carried tootsie pop bouquets and practiced walking in our high heels on the grass.Also, Baillie gave us our bridesmaid gifts, matching black clutches and lovely jeweled necklaces to wear on the big day.
So the countdown begins... Tonight I'm picking up the maid of honor at the airport, Saturday is manicures/pedicures in the afternoon, and rehearsal dinner in the evening, and Sunday is the big day - hair, make-up, photographs, and bride & bridesmaid revelry. Should be a good time, looking forward to it!


Oh, Coach

I seriously need to unsubscribe from Coach's seemingly informative oh-by-the-way-we-have-new-merchandise e-mail updates. It's a depressing reminder of all the cute stuff I can't afford. Like I have $398 lying around to spend on this gorgeous bag...(exasperated sigh).

Wedding Season

My first wedding of the summer is this Sunday, June 29th. Slated for an outdoor shindig, the weather is currently complying - sunny and gorgeous (knock on wood!). Today starts the wedding countdown as we have our outdoor rehearsal run-through this evening. In honor of this blessed event, I am reposting my new fave "Summer Sweetness" wedding board from Snippet & Ink.

Flickr Photo of the Day

Wish I was here!


Sunny Days

It is a gorgeous clear-blue-sky day in Seattle! While this photograph doesn't quite capture the reality of a Seattle beach, it sure makes me feel like summer!


Bon Voyage

My mom and I hosted a bridal shower on Sunday for my dear friend Sarah. After the games, food & beverage, and present-opening had concluded, I was surprised to be presented with a hostess gift of my own. Imagine my delight to unwrap these darling hand painted dessert plates by Seattle tableware designer Rosanna. My set of 4 "Bon Voyage" plates includes the lovely cities Paris, London, Venice, and New York.

It was such a thoughtful gift, as Sarah and I traveled to Paris and Venice the summer after graduating college. Our goal and pseudo "pact" we made at the end of or first adventure was to make a reunion trip 5-years later. Looks like New York and London are at the top of the list!


Umbrella Chic

Seattleites are notorious for not carrying umbrellas. And while I consider myself very Seattle through and through, I find that I do turn to the saving grace of an umbrella in other cities, though they never seem to last... Case and point, I bought a cheap $5.00 umbrella at Duane Reade in NYC after getting caught in an impromptu torrential downpour (which the wind pulled inside-out and ruined within 5 minutes).
Hence - finding a lovely little umbrella is a quest of mine, though I never have much luck. I find that when it comes to forking over $40 for an umbrella, I have a hard time justifying my cause. However, I do like this red polka dot umbrella, very reminiscnent of the chic one Audrey Tautou carries in Amelie.

Angel Wings

How angelic! I'm enjoying this angel wing charm necklace. So dainty and delicate.


That's Fierce!

Love, love, love this postcard via rarrarpress. What a fabulous compliment to receive in the mail. Almost like Christian Siriano sent it himself!


Grand Central Freeze

This weekend a friend introduced me to this popular youtube clip - Grand Central Freeze. As an undergrad art history major I've had my fair share of observing art installations - but this one is pretty impressive. Shout out to ImprovEverywhere, the 70-person NYC improv group that pulled off this monumental and artistic stunt (among others) around the city - kudos! I wish I'd been in Grand Central terminal to see this hilarity in person.


Giraffes in Love

When my students ask me what my favorite animal is I usually say "giraffe." In reality, if I had to make a list of favorite animals, giraffe would actually be in my top 5, rather than my #1, but who's counting? The answer of "giraffes!" happily satisfies 7 & 8-year olds, because giraffes are such odd, visually intriguing animals. Unique, awkward, yet utterly lovable. Upon our recent class field trip to the zoo, the Savannah (home to lions, ostriches, zebras, and giraffes) was the place topping every students "We have to see this!" list.

I thought this giraffes in love card by turtlepapers was super cute. A lovey-dovey card perfect for an equally quirky, occasionally awkward, but lovable, someone special.


No More Pencils, No More Books...

School's out for summer! Yes, it's true, today is the last day of school.

The last day of school is always bittersweet. The students are oozing energy and excitement, literally wiggling in their seats until those last minutes of their current grade level tick away. But it's sad as a teacher, knowing that this truly is the very last time I'll have this particular group of wonderful students all together in one room. The dynamic of a class is so different every year, and the camaraderie you cultivate from September through June truly comes to a concluding culmination on the last day of school.

I already am finding myself a bit teary, already missing my little 2nd graders that came to me bouncing off the walls, so young and full of life. And today they leave; taller, smarter, and more self assured, ready to tackle the challenges of 3rd grade. All in all - a fabulous year!


Martha's Peony Party

Leave it to Miss Martha Stewart to think up this festive solstice soirée - a peony party! A twist on your average garden party - I'm envious of Martha's peonies, they are simply lovely. Wish I'd been invited!


America's Favorite Cities & Why

Travel & Leisure magazine took a poll of approximately 60,000 people, asking them what their favorite US cities were - and here are the results. According to survey feedback, Americans have some "pretty strong feelings about New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Miami."

T&L polled Americans in many categories from underground art scene to farmer's markets to best live music. Take a gander at the article to find out how the city you call home stacks up against the competitors.


Fall Into The...

Check out this stylin' summer tank...from none other than oldie (and occasionally goodie) - The Gap! Guess we can always count on the them for clothes that are comfy/casual chic.


In the Cuff

Apparently enamel is the new...well, whatever the latest new trend was (I can't quite keep up)! As for me, I'm a big fan of buying simple, solid colored pieces that you can alter by accessorizing with some fun jewelry to create many an outfit. This shiny magnolia cuff bracelet is bound to add some flair to your summer wardrobe.



Joanna's recent blog posts about have me so inspired about framing! I'm hoping to emulate some of these looks in my own apartment - I love the puzzle like arrangement of black&white and sepia photographs mounted with the white mounting. I hoard old family photographs like it's my J-O-B, I am thrilled to finally feel the inspiring drive to show them off!

Gladiator Girl

Everyone knows gladiator shoes are the hot item this summer. But if you want to take a slice of Sex & the City style home - now you can... Carrie Bradshaw's Christian Dior gladiator platforms are available to nobodies like us...that is, if you can shell out a a whopping $770.00 for a pair. I think I'll just look...


Little Monster

How cute is this monster hat for your little one? It even has tiny ears and growl worthy sharp teeth. Be prepared for the roaring that could occur as s(he) gets in character!


Perfect Pink

Behold the secret to the perfect pout. New to the cosmetics market is Smashbox O-Gloss. Here's the gist - it goes on clear, but once applied transforms into your perfect pink. I wasn't a believer until I tried it at a recent bachelorette party.

My fellow bridesmaid who lent me a dab is about 10 shades tanner than I will ever be (sigh), one of those people whose foundation shade has a name reminiscent of "carmel," whereas my make-up proclaims me to forever be "fresh cream." (Sigh again). Regardless, the gloss looked fabulous on both of us - materializing in completely different but equally well suited shades of pink. It's a miracle!


Accent Aficionado

I consider myself an accent enthusiast. I am completely charmed by the simple of act of unique pronunciation, much to the chagrin of my foreign friends. For the first few months of knowing my friend Andy, direct from England - my friends and I tirelessly made him say "please sir, can I have some more," "Oh, Bugger," and "Hello, Governor!" amongst other things. However I think I'm the worst culprit, as the novelty has yet to wear off.

If I ever end up marrying a lad with an accent, I imagine I will be entertained for life, as I'd have daily access to clever pronunciations that would provide me with never-ending amusement and hilarity.

Perhaps this is why I am so intrigued with this much circulated youtube video "21 Accents." I totally wish I had this gift - whenever I try and emulate an accent, I sound like I'm from the wrong continent! This one girl introduces herself in all dialects from Belfast to Moscow, and a few 'round the US. The California accent (did we know there was one?) is funnily enough - spot on! Enjoy!

Strike a Pose

I love vintage posters! I have several vintage posters from the French Riviera and Italian Coast are hungering for wall space in my apartment. However, my problem seems to be that I consistently purchase more art than I have wall space to display! Go figure! One of my sisters - the one with an eye for fashion - has added a fashionista flair to her NYC apartment, hanging up a series of the classic Vogue covers. A subtle tribute to the fashion mecca. Here are a few of my favorites. image.1&2/flickr

Motivation & Inspiration

Please observe exhibit A - my motivation and inspiration to cook: hunger and cute kitchen ware! I might whip up fresh rhubarb muffins everyday if I had these chirpy measuring spoons!



Meet the latest Bond Girl. Ukrainian born Olga Kurylenko will star opposite Daniel Craig as "Camille" in the 22nd James Bond film, Quantum of Solace, due out in theaters this fall. What do we think?



Rhubarb is such an odd fruit - it looks like red celery stalks, it's sour, and yet in combination with the sweetness of sugar, it is absolutely delicious!

This Saturday my mom took me grocery shopping and we popped into a neighborhood bakery on my block, where they had fresh rhubarb muffins for sale -hot out of the oven. We devoured these little treats, and after lugging back all my grocery bags I set to find a suitable recipe to repeat on my own. Here's what I found...

Rhubarb Streusel Muffins

1/4 c. brown sugar
1/4 c. chopped nuts
1/2 tsp. cinnamon
1 tbsp. flour
1 tbsp. butter
Muffin Batter:
2 c. cut up rhubarb (1/2 lb.)
1 c. brown sugar, divided
1/2 c. butter, melted
1/4 c. milk
1 egg
2 c. flour
1 tbsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp. baking soda
1/2 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. cinnamon
Heat oven to 425 degrees. Combine streusel ingredients with a fork and set aside. In small sauce pan, simmer rhubarb until tender (about 10 minutes). Add 1/2 cup brown sugar and butter. Cool slightly. Add milk and egg. Blend well. In another bowl, mix flour, 1/2 cup brown sugar, baking powder, soda, salt, and cinnamon. Add rhubarb mixture to dry ingredients and blend until just moistened. Fill greased muffin cups 1/3 full with batter. Sprinkle with 1/2 the streusel topping. Repeat with remaining batter and streusel. Bake for 15 to 20 minutes.


Holy Cow

I admit, I judge wine bottles by their label. Rather than being captivated by flavors of a region, my eye gravitates toward the catchy, creative, or whimsical label. Which is how I came to find "Holy Cow," Riesling, a K Vintners wine, I couldn't resist the little halo perched above this angelic cow's head. Not only that, it was both affordable and flavorful. SOLD!


Sunshine & Skateboards

Happy Friday the 13th! Skate on down to a superb weekend! There is finally sun in Seattle - HOORAY!


Rita Hayworth

Victoria Secret is now featuring swimsuits available in stores, featuring everything from string bikini's to these pin-up girl inspired suits are very reminiscent of old Hollywood glamor. This high waisted look reminds me of the 50's siren of the silver screen, the lovely Rita Hayworth.