Friday Fun

+ somewhere I've always wanted to go

+ a dip that's healthy-ish?

+ loving this flared skirt

+ mindy kaling & b.j. novak are writing a book together

+ just bought these for summer - i've gone granola

+ a refreshing watermelon salad for BBQ season

+ someday soon I will bake this cake at home

Cookbook Crush

Per my usual method of trying out cookbooks (checking them out from my local library) - I've found a new gem - Food 52's Genius Recipes!  This cookbook reads more like an anthology, handpicking recipes from dozens of chefs all famous in their area of expertise - so there is a lot of gustatory variety without being over-the-top fancy.  A few recipes that caught my hungry eye; roasted applesauce, salt-crusted potatoes with cilantro mojo, rosemary-brined buttermilk fried chicken, and dense chocolate loaf cake...just to name a few.


Saturday Snooze

+ will someone make this cake for me

+ seeing the 7 wonders of the world in 13 days (with a new boyfriend of all people)

+ lung cancer vaccine in the works?

+ do you think this bra lives up to its name?

+ no more tangles - so they say

+ beautiful backless gown (and wedding)

+ 10 lifestyle choices to ease anxiety

+ looking forward to seeing this musical this summer

+ Speaking of musicals, did you hear this movie's the next one?

+ my favorite dairy queen topping at home!


Reader Bug

Hello out there, may I inquire, what are you reading these days?  I've finally brushed the dust off my kindle and polished off a few good reads in recent weeks; first The Boys in the Boat, which was especially interesting to read as it's a true story set in my hometown.  Followed by the much buzzed about The Girl on the Train - read this in 3 days flat, quite a feat these days.  And finally, a girly chic-lit that pure fluff but a scrumptious read- The Royal We, a fictional knock-off of the Kate and Will love story, only this time "Kate" is an American. I need a new book.  Any suggestions?


Friday Fun

+ suddenly craving carrot cake

+ seven realistic uses for coconut oil

+ the secret to female friendship

+ loving this springy dress

+ exploring google street view

+ thoroughly enjoying this kate/will inspired fictional read

+ learning new things about my city everyday

+ a tempting new broccoli recipe

+ mindy project - cancelled!?!  say it ain't so

+ claiming to be damn good face wash - reviews don't lie

Have a sunny weekend!  Happy Mother's Day!