Farewell LOST

Oh LOST, it makes me sad to write about you in past tense. My little LOST group and I went out with a bang. We celebrated in style, watching our fave show on the Big Screen at Central Cinemas in Seattle. The theater was rented out specifically for LOST, so we enjoyed snacks and Dharma wine during the recap, and pizza, popcorn, and treats during the 2-1/2 hour series finale.

Here's our group photo at the Finale, like our t-shirts?
It was a such a great time! I even partook in the LOST trivia competition which got a 10-second segment on the Komo 4 local news - who knew my 10-seconds of fame would be while wearing a LOST inspired t-shirt naming Dharma stations...

I'm sad to realize this is the end, especially since watching this series has been a constant, an anchor in our ever-increasingly busy lives. I'm so glad we got to come together one last time to reminisce and bid farewell to a beloved tradition and show that always inspires curiousity and wonder.

I won't say I'm left without questions, because I do have many. Jacob's brother? Charles Widmore? Dharma Initiative? The sunk island? Are they really all dead? But the connecting stories did bring an element of peace and finality to many character's stories that was comforting.

Your thoughts?
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