Bringing Back The Bagel Dog

I was flipping through Martha Stewart Living the other day and came across a recipe for an oldie but goodie - the Bagel Dog. I can't believe I'd almost forgotten about this fan favorite! What an underrated treat!

As kids, on the days my Dad directed our trips to Costco, we stocked up on all kinds of less-than-healthy but oh-so-yummy goodies like...bagel dogs. There's just something about it, the dog alone might not inspire such nostalgia, but the dog in a blanket = pure deliciousness!

So...I've decided to pay tribute to all those fun and junk-food filled Costco trips with Dad, I'm reviving the bagel dog this summer! Watch out - first BBQ at my place, we'll be server burgers + bagel dogs. Admit it, you're kind of excited...

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