Book On Tape

I just checked out Julia Child's "My Life in France," book on tape from the library. I've been eager to read the memoir of the famed chef's years spent Paris & Marseilles since the movie Julie & Julia premiered last year. Yet despite my best attempts and efforts, I just couldn't seem get into the book.

However...the book on tape is a totally different story. The narrator has a pleasant, captivating voice, and I find myself making excuses to drive the long way home just so I can continue listening to her tale as she describes amazing culinary adventures in and around her Paris home.

Any of you fans of books on tape? What audio-tales are not to be missed?



Diana Mieczan said...

I should try that...It sounds really good....Btw: I wanted to read this book, so now I can just listen to it!
Kisses my lovely and thanks:)

Stevie said...

I love books on tape/CD. The best ones for a long road trip are mysteries or some kind of suspenseful thriller. I don't normally read them in print, but on tape they're much more fun.

The narrator makes all the difference, though. It's really hard to listen to a voice you don't like.

hannahblog said...

I really enjoyed the audiobook of My Life in France, although it would have been even better if the narrator was someone who spoke French. The butchering of some of the French words and phrases kinda made me cringe.

Other favorites include:
Garlic and Sapphires read by author Ruth Reichl
Eat Pray Love read by author Elizabeth Gilbert

I find that I really enjoy audiobooks read by the author. It helps with the story is autobiographical, cause then it just feels like you're listening to a friend tell their life story.

Mrs. Buck said...

That's such a good idea - I loved reading that book.

anna said...

Loved, loved, loved My Life in France, and was most impressed by Julia's ability to remember certain meals, down to the tiniest details. That book made me jealous of her life! Another great audio book is To Kill a Mockingbird, read by Sissy Spacek.

owl and peacock : melina said...

brilliant! I have been trying to get into the book, too - i think I'll just have to do the audio version! thank you!

Violet's Bunny said...

Books on cd are divine. They saved my sanity when I had a daily commute of 2 plus hours. I listened to titles that I would have never had the time to read. The best part was that they were free from the library. I agree with Stevie that the narrator makes all the difference. You start to get favorites.

Katie said...

I love audio books, period dramas are usually a good bet and I love The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy - it's actually a radio play so there's special effects and some great acting!

liz stanley said...

I read this book on tape too. Loved it