Fill in the Blank

What do you love most about that special someone? Well...fill in the blank! "I Love_______...." I am terribly picky when it comes to selecting cards for people. I linger in the card aisle for at least 30 minutes every time, I constantly hem and haw over what's in my cart on etsy...even more so for special occasions like birthdays and holidays! This is why I love the flexibility of these sweet Valentine's Day cards. Now you get to tell that someone how you really feel instead of what Hallmark wants you to say!

via youaremyfave


Christine Vi said...

That's a good idea! I also spend a long time looking for cards. That extends over to presents as well.

Caroline said...

So cute!! I love this post. If I was picking out a card and had to fill in the blank speaking of my husband it would say... I love YOUR NOSE :)
He has the best nose!!! It's not like any other nose I have ever seen... :)
Hope al is well!!

Carissa said...

I love these! so simple but still so sweet. and I love the colors, very cute.

and I am the same exact way in the card aisle... and with the hemming and hawing... it takes me forever to make a decision!

Anna said...

This is so cute! Where can I get them?