Up, Up, and Away

Just watched this movie again this past weekend with my family. I can't get over how fantastically they were able to craft such an emotional story that please the audiences of adults and children alike. If you haven't seen it yet, go out and rent Up!

P.S. Loving these posters



Keri said...

Up is such a great movie. Her note "thanks for the adventure" is such a good reminder to enjoy the little things every day.
Those posters are great!

Louise said...

Haven't seen it yet but it's on my list of movies to rent!

Cynthia said...

Up is still deep in my netflix queue... but I'll get there eventually! I love the first poster... I have a thing for hot air balloons... it's just sooo Dorothy!

Carissa said...

you know, I haven't seen Up yet! I want to though... I need to remember to rent it. I've only heard good things!

and those posters are lovely. I especially like the first one, too.

liz stanley said...

oooh yes i love these posters! i bawled during that movie!