Goals for the New Year

Goals for 2010...

1. Always topping my list - travel somewhere new!

2. Try and manage my grocery lists better...I always end up throwing produce away and I hate that.

3. Keep my car cleaner, I don't mind cleaning house but I loathe cleaning my car (the inside at least).

4. Save more money. With all the end of year expenses I had owning a new house, my savings account has been pretty stagnant, and hasn't grown much. I'm hoping for it to increase once I get everything in order.

5. Take up a new hobby (horseback riding, sewing, the possibilities are endless...)

6. Try and visit my sister on study abroad

7. Spend more time with family.

What are your goals/resolutions for the New Year?



stefanielynn04 said...

Great goals/resolutions! I decided to do monthly goals instead of yearly ones so here are mine for this month:

1. Start exercising.
2. Complete every assignment for my 2 independent studies.
3. Make 1 new recipe a week.
4. Get coffee with a friend.
5. Read one book.

Good luck on yours!

Bluebird said...

I am really enjoying everyone's "New Years Resolutions posts." For my resolutions I modeled them after the "12 Days of Christmas" in that they increase in amount and difficulty as I count to 12 (for the months of the new year). Dorky much?

You can see mine over at my blog if you'd like to take a peek:


But a few of my favorites are:

6.) visit (6) new waterfalls and swim in at least half of them
9.) Try (9) new types of teas, including homemade sun and/or moon tea
11.) Try out (11) recipes I've never made before. (Non-baking only.)

New England Girl said...

Fantastic list of goals for the year! :) I haven't given mine much thought yet, so I really don't know what I want to do and accomplish. I should get on that! :)

Michelle said...

I have a couple that I'm particularly excited about

1. be better at randomly paying for stranger's drinks in line behind me at Starbucks
2. call my mom and dad at least once a week (this is unusually hard to fit in sometimes!)
3. Read 12 new books (always looking for great suggestions!)

Have a happy new year! I'm thankful for a new beginning!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Oh you reminded me I need to try and keep my car cleaner too!!!

Cait said...

I always make resolutions and then never keep them. I have told my fiance he can hold me accountable for the following resolutions this year! Let's see if that works.

This year I resolve to...

...continue to walk my puppy in the mornings. At least 5 out of 7 mornings a week.

...not become a bridezilla now that the wedding planning is officially kicking off. (October!)

...to find the beauty in everything; to learn a lesson from everything.

...to make myself a budget, and stick to it!

...to have a zero-sum wardrobe. Every new piece means I have to get rid of a current one.

...to cook at home more and try a new recipe at least every month.

...to read at least one new book a month.

tagskie said...

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Louise said...

Great goals! I like the taking up a new hobby one :)

This year, my resolutions are:-

- be more adventurous
- take better care of my skin (those fine lines are starting to deepen, eek)
- do more of the things that make me happy
- get organised
- keep a journal (or at least make it past Jan!)

Carissa said...

those are some great goals! I think I'm going to borrow some, haha. But really, numbers 2-5 are definitely on my list for 2010. especially the save more money part. that is probably my No. 1 goal!

happy new year!!

Kimberlee said...

Love your new years resolutions - I so have the same problem re #2! x

b. said...

i love this image, so pretty and lovely :)

i dont really make resolutions, but i guess if pushed id say that i hope to continue to enjoy my life and really make the most of it :)


LobotoME said...

those are great and similar to mine!