Weekend of Brides

I'm so glad it's Friday! This week has been an odd one, see-sawing back and forth, some days go by so fast, others incredibly slow. And my weekend is literally a weekend of brides: wedding reception + bridal shower.

I guess most weekends are pretty busy, but this one seems jam-packed. Tonight, I'm attending a friend and co-worker's wedding reception tonight (the lovely pair wed in Hawaii in mid-February) and we're toasting to their newlywed bliss this evening.

Saturday is moving day. Yes, it's official, the boyfriend is moving in! It kind of feels like he already lives with me, but moving the furniture makes it extra-official! We'll be loading and unloading for most of the morning/afternoon, followed by a low-key evening.

On Sunday, I have yet another bridal shower, for my friend and sorority sister Carol of Everyday Delights. This is the 'Round the Clock shower I've been asking y'all for advice on, so I'll be sure to update you with my 1:00am gift!

Any big weekend plans?

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