Trash the Dress

Have you heard of the fad, "trash the dress?" It's where the bride & groom wear their wedding duds out on the town the day after the wedding. This includes walking on the beach, prancing around in fields, essentially sporting the formal wear in a very non-formal setting. I like this idea, except I think I'd be afraid of ruining that beautiful gown. Here is an example of a tasteful "trash the dress" my sorority sister Megan did...Pretty, right? I like her "trash the dress' style, they almost look like they're floating on the water, in a beautiful dreamy sort of way.

Now, below is a very different version of "trash the dress." I discovered this "trash the dress" photo shoot, entitled "You and Me and a Bag of Wendy's" via my friend Heather's blog. While it looks like the bride and groom are having a raucous good time, and granted it was probably fun to shoot, I almost cringed at these photos. I don't know if I could muster the strength to ever take condiments to my wedding dress!
images 1.2/jefflaplantephotography

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