2012 Year in Review

It seems the older I get, the faster the years fly by.  Cliche, perhaps, but certainly true.  I turn 30 this month.  3-0...yikes!  I keep thinking, have I accomplished everything I wanted to do in my twenties?  Ultimately, ruminating on the past goals, finished or unfinished doesn't seem to help anyone, so here's to looking ahead!  

My 2012 goals, here's how I did...

+ Drink more water
YES!  I can easily say I did this, I even uploaded a "drink more water app" on my phone for a brief time period (seriously).

+ Travel somewhere new
* Montana in February
* Ireland in June
*Kauai in December 

+ Do a better job at separating work and home
*Not sure if I will ever be able to do this completely, but I think I'm doing better...

+ Continue to try new recipes and bake consistently

+ Try and eat more locally, organically, and sustainably
* A work in progress, but in addition to eating better, I've made a conscious effort to use products without parabens, also a good step in the right direction

+ Only buy clothing I love and enjoy wearing (not simply because it's on sale)
*Yes, my wallet is very thankful for this :)

+ Try and do some of the projects I've pinned on pinterest
* DIY projects, not so much...
*Recipes, YES!  

+ Make soup on Sundays
* A few times; here's a few examples

+ Spend as much time as possible with family and friends
* Always trying to do more of this

I think overall I did pretty well!  Stay tuned for 2013 goals...



Melanie said...

Good for you accomplishing your goals!!!

Happy New Year! Best wishes for 2013!!!


molly pinto said...

Happy New Year, Michelle! I definitely need to do stop buying clothing I feel 'meh' about just because it's sale. This usually happens in the sale basement of anthropologie...

Leslie said...

I love your resolutions from last year! I think I need to do these for this year!

Ashlee Gadd said...


I love it when people post their previous year's resolutions and progress. Bravo! I don't think I ever told you this, but you totally inspired me to investigate my lotions. I'm now using only lush products on my face, and palmer's cocoa butter on my body. Cheers to 2013!

Sarah Alway said...

Congratulations, I'd say you did awesome! Here's to a fantastic 2013 and the first full year of your 30s!