Weekend Baking: Cherry Peach Pie

I've been inspired to bake lately, and this weekend, I baked a pie.  I haven't baked a pie in over a year, and the last time I technically assisted while my grandmother did most of the work.  But this time, I baked a cherry-peach pie all by myself; I made the crust, filling, and everything from scratch!  

I wish I could tell you everything about the pie turned out perfectly.  Ultimately, it looked great, and tasted great (crust and filling alike), but the fruit filling was definitely on the soupy side.  When I cut myself a slice, it definitely didn't hold its pie shape on the plate.  I was a little disappointed that it wasn't a "perfect" pie, and I'm wondering if that's the result of using all fresh fruit (as opposed to frozen).  I've only made apple pie before, and those always stayed pretty dense, so I don't have much to compare this baking experience to.

Do you have any pie baking tricks for making a pie less soupy?  If so, please share! 
I've got a few more weeks of summer vacation to perfect my pie baking techniques.
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