Goals for 2013

Goals for 2013

+ Blog more.
I kind of found myself in the midst of a blogging slump toward the end of 2012.  I attribute much of that to my change in job and overall increase in busyness.  However, I'm writing down my intentions for the new year with the intent that my words will hold me accountable to be a more responsible blogger.

+ Save more.
My husband and I have consolidated our accounts and have a goal number in mind to save for 2013.   

+ Take more pictures.
Now that I'm armed with my new Nikon, there's is no excuse why I can't take more pictures.  I'm prepared to arrive camera in hand to snap and capture the life around me.  

+ Eat out less and eat more vegetables.
I mean this is relation to take-out.  My husband and I fall into a once-a-week (at least) take out routine, whether that be carry out pizza, pad thai, or pho.  This is a habit we're hoping to break this year and replace with more vegetables and leafy greens...  Wish us luck!

+ Watch less TV.
Another lazy habit that's so easy to fall into.  Work a long day, crash on the couch, and lazily turn on the TV...  The goal is to cut back on the nightly TV regiment and substitute it with other projects, sports, and activities.

+ Worry less.
Anyone who knows me well knows I am a worry-wort.  It's hard for me to turn off my brain to unwind, relax, destress, and I'm hoping this year to make a conscious effort to try and change that.  Not sure exactly how as of yet, but that's my goal.



heather{land} said...

That is a healthy set of goals -- plus more money saved = more money to travel, right? :) Looking forward to your increase in posts too!

Lindsay said...

Your list looks a lot like mine (minus the blogging, though I do miss it!) . We just can't break the once a week eating out habit. Something always seems to pop up!

Hitha said...

We share a lot of the same resolutions - particularly eating in more and watching less TV! Having any restaurant within a 5 mile radius delivered to you is incredibly dangerous...

Robyn said...

mine are pretty similar.I want to do more exercise,other than running,too

Sarah Alway said...

I may as well just copy/paste your goals over to my blog, because they're pretty much exactly what I should focus on in 2013, too. Happy New Year! :-)

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Great goals! I need to start thinking of mine!

Rebecca @ Frugal Fashion Mommy said...

Mine are very similar to yours, especially the one about eating out. We definitely need to cut back on that in our household. It's hard because sometimes it's just so much easier to go grab dinner than actually take the time to make it.


Always Maylee said...

Worrying less is definitely my one resolution for the year!

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

Oh, My Darling said...

Happy 2013! I love all of your fulfilling resolutions! I'm looking forward to getting back into blogging this year, as my resolution is to "infuse happiness" into daily life!

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