These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

I'm starting a new series..."These are a few of my favorite things."
Every week I'm going to showcase one of my favorite things.

This week's new favorite thing - Abba Haircare, especially the Color Protection Shampoo.  I was recently turned onto this brand by a girlfriend of mine.  Their products are vegan, paraben free, free of synthetic color additives, or sulfates (and the list goes on!).  In addition, the shampoo has a sweet, nutty almondy scent that I can't get enough of, I just want to keep making up excuses to wash my hair!  Plus, I feel like this shampoo really does protect and even enhance my color - a necessary quality in a shampoo for those weeks between foils!

Pricing depends on where you buy it, I spent $16.99 on an 8 oz. bottle at my local drug store, only to find I could buy the 33 oz. bottle on for the same price.  Thus, I have switched my source!

Stay tuned for this continued series next week...

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