Monday, January 14, 2013


Looking forward to my birthday this weekend!



Robyn said...

Fantastic. I lived in East Africa for 3 years, but it all started with a summer volunteering 5 years ago. I think about it every day. You will, no matter where you go, have a fantastic experience and feel blessed

Robyn said...

ops sorry! That is what you get for trying to do too many things at once!
What I wanted to say is much more profound... I AM WATCHING SEASON 3 TOO...AND LOVING IT!


Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

I'm loving Downton too! And happy early birthday - hope you have something fun and/or relaxing planned!

Chloe Moon said...

Ever since I saw Witness and that new Breaking Amish show came around I've been obsessed with the Amish culture! I might check out that book!!


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Sarah and Stewart said...

I must check out Downton Abbey, everyone seems to be into it! Happy birthday!!

heather{land} said...

Isn't the History of Rap so funny? It totally made my day when I saw it.

p.s. I was driving the other day and heard "thrift shop" on a local radio station here in Omaha. So happy to see Macklemore making it.


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