How 'Bout Them Pickles

Growing up, I absolutely hated pickles. I was notorious at family functions for picking off every single pickle remnant and passing them to my cousin Jenny, who'd happily devour them, having always proclaimed pickles to be her favorite food. But as I've grown up, I've slowly acquired a taste for the slightly sour side. It started with a hamburger I think, then progressed to a full spear with lunch, and now I'm even buying dill pickle jars for my fridge, oh have times changed. Since I'm headed to Lake Michigan at the end of the month, I might pick up a jar of these local Vitula's Pickles, not only for the clever packaging but for the hand-packed secret recipe. What are your pickle thoughts, have you ever made your own? I think it would be a fun kitchen endeavor, here's a recipe to get your started! image/dieline
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