Fave Flaves

I come from a baking household. My mom is the Baking Queen, always whipping up cookies, brownies, 7-layer bars, for no reason at all, simply because it's...Tuesday. Having grown up on baked goods, there are several sweet treats I'm predisposed to LOVE, certain flavors I absolutely will devour upon eye contact, and others upon which I will always pass.

For example, I love anything chocolate, the darker the better; carrot cake; coconut, and of course, perhaps my all-time favorite flavor - banana - I love anything banana! Yes, I realize I might be alone in thinking this, but banana bread, cake, muffins - you name it, is just heavenly to me.

Which is why my baking goal for the week is to try out these - banana cupcakes...YUM! What are your fave flavors?

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