It Was A Very Good Year

Here's an idea: enter a random year into Flickr and see what interesting images surface. Following in the footsteps of Meet Me At Mikes, Red Aprons & Lunchboxes, and Miss Jane, I entered in "1983," the year I was born, and chose this photograph as my contribution to the "It Was A Very Good Year" challenge.

I selected this photo because it reminds me of summers my sisters and I spent at my grandparents house in Oregon, picking our way through brambles to reach the coveted blackberry bushes nestled just out of reach. We'd skip back to the house, fingers and lips stained with sticky sweet blackberry juices, evidence enough that we hadn't made it home with all our pickings. My parents never commented on our pre-dinner gorge of blackberries, instead always accepted our offerings with knowing smiles. Later they'd reward us with the fruit of our labor, adding a heaping spoonful to our after-dinner dessert.

Let me know if you decide to play along!

cossall by lentonsands


Jo said...

yay, i´m glad you are playing along, ain't this fun!!?

great photo!! :)

Sara Christine said...

Fresh blackberries and vanilla ice cream...There is no greater joy! Love your pic! :)