My Favorite Things - #5

My favorite things...AT THIS VERY MOMENT

Song: This song "Just Dance"! Thank you to Marissa for the introduction. It has been on my i-pod on repeat for the past 3 days.

Book: Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides (an interesting read with a unique, never-seen-in-another-book-before plot)
Store: Eagerly awaiting the mid-September Seattle openings of European bargain wonder, H&M.
Product: Kiehls Deluxe Hand & Body lotion in grapefruit. It leaves your skin feel silky smooth with a subtle clean citrusy scent, and dries quickly without that sticky feeling (always a plus!).Movie: Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Yes, I saw it in the theater, with my sister in fact! Totally cheesy, girly chick-flick (did you really expect anything less)...but there are some emotionally charged scenes, I do admit to shedding at least one glistening tear. If you're in a feel-good movie mood, might be worth a go.
Holiday: Labor Day, one extra day o'setting up and planning before the kids arrive on Tuesday!!

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