She's Gone Country

As if we didn't believe her when she declared to the world, "I'm becoming a country singer," Jessica Simpson dons plaid, cowboy boots, and chunky metal jewelry in the latest edition of Elle, to further hammer home her point, I'VE GONE COUNTRY!

Her new image truly is a packaged deal, complete with a Texan boyfriend, Dallas Cowboy quarterback Tony Romo. I admit, I listened to Jessica during the Nick Lachey years, but I think this lucrative country career she's trying on for size definitely has more potential. While she's become the latest celebrity with a case of the Madonna's, at least she recognized her fizzling pop career before she became a has-been. And I give her credit that this time around, she's going with what she knows, and channeling her Southern roots. Gotta say, she may have ditched the high heels, but she's investing in some excellent footwear, loving the cowboy boots!

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