My Favorite Things - #4

My favorite places. As a self proclaimed obsessor of travel, there are a few little places (domestic and international) that I absolutely adore. Here are a few of my favorite corners of the globe... Sun Valley, Idaho. My parents first met on ski bus, and as such skiing has been an integral part of our family dynamic. Sun Valley is a winter playground of skiing, snow-shoeing, and warming up together over hot cocoa. Growing up, my family spent at least one long weekend here every ski season, and a few sporadic summers spent hiking, biking, and horseback riding in the mountains. Orvieto, Italy. About an hour by train North of Rome, this heavenly plateau is nestled in the midst of rolling Umbrian hillsides. Known it's to-die-for white wine, decadant Florentine cathedral, and peaceful, sleepy aura, this joyously pleasant slice of Italy is not to be missed. Rogue River, Oregon. My grandparents used to own a home perched atop the Rogue River, where we spent summers rope-swinging, row-boating, and picking blackberries in the balmy Oregon sun. Life moves a little slower here, but the laid-back small town lifestyle is often a welcome vacation to the regular hustle and bustle of city life.
St. Germain & Montmartre, Paris, France. My top two favorite neighborhoods in Paris. I've been to Paris twice, once for all the traditional tourist fare, and the second time as a wannabe native and pseudo explorer.

I have a soft spot for the famed cafes of St. Germain, hearkening back to my "Paris Architecture,"art history class in college where I wrote an extensive research paper comparing and contrasting the wonders of Cafe Flore and Deux Magots, two of Paris' finer cafe culture establishments. Montmartre is also a favorite for Place du Tertes, the eclectic artist's quarter where one can grab a pan au chocolat and scout leisurely stroll through easels, developing canvases, and street musicians, all indulgent and focused on their craft.

I'm sure I could go on forever, as these are only a few of my favorite places. Curious to hear what your favorites are?

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