Oh Oh Olympics!

I am obsessed! The Olympics are taking over my life. Today I watched Misty May-Treanor & Kerry Walsh in women's volleyball, Michael Phelps earn his 10th medal in swimming, the American's just miss out on the medal competition in synchronized diving, and then...my all-time favorite, women's gymnastics!

I can remember watching gymnastics since the 1992 Barcelona games, where Shannon Miller shone as the stand-out American, barely missing the gold. And of course, who can forget the white knuckle moment when Kerri Strug landed the vault with a dramatic wrenched ankle, hobbling to the start line and continuing through the pain to save the day with a team gold at the '96 Atlanta games.

I love gymnastics! Of course, I can't even do a cartwheel, but that doesn't stop me from cheering our girls on! At the last Olympics, my friends and I sat glued to the TV on a Friday night, awaiting the declaration of Carly Patterson as individual all-around winner. Hoping for the best this year with our newcomers Shawn Johnson, Nastia Liukin, and Bridget Sloan. U-S-A! U-S-A!

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