Here Come Pencils, Here Come Books

The new school year is just around the corner. Two weeks to go!! I've spent the past week beginning to organize, gather, and prepare my classroom for a new batch of wide-eyed second graders. While I'd sad to see summer go - heightened by the recent surge of inclement Seattle weather - I am so excited to meet my new students!

In light of the fact that school will be starting soon, and the whirlwind of back-to-school will commence, I am trying to get in some worthy blog posts should I become a sporadic blogger once I'm knee deep in planning and teaching. Hence I give you, "My Favorite Things!" Granted this blogging revelation is a little untimely, as I will begin tomorrow-Thursday (as opposed to a Monday, as most traditional bloggers would do, kicking the week off with a bang!)...but given my unprecedented burst of creative energy at 10pm on a rainy Wednesday, I'd say it'll do!


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