My Favorite Things - #2

I have way too many magazine subscriptions. For whatever reason I always fall for those for those cards that slip out of magazines sporting deals like 12 issues for $12. These are a few of my favorites...Best magazine for the working girl on a budget (as an elementary school teacher, that'd be me!). It's refreshing to learn that instead of ruling out those coveted exotic destinations, Budget Travel gives you affordable hotel, dining, and transportation alternatives that cater to the true budget traveler.
Even if you're not a Seattleite, this magazine is fab! Seattle Metropolitan provides citygoers with the trendiest new hotspots, dining digs, and outdoor activities even the veteran Seattleite may not know about. They also provide annual updates ranking and reviewing the top local schools, businesses, and physicians. Definitely a must read!
Okay, I admit I don't make half of the things I read about in Food & Wine, but I am a huge fan of the parties they feature. Whimsical menus for everything from the casual backyard beach BBQ to Christmas in Aspen, this magazine's got your cooking desires covered.
And finally, last but not least. I actually do not have a subscription to this Us Weekly, though I voraciously flip through every issue I can get my hands on. The one thing holding me back is time, frankly I don't have the time to read this, because I know the second I see it in my mailbox, I'll drop everything and read it cover to cover. Thankfully this plan is working, as are plentiful avenues through which I can obtain my celebrity gossip.



Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Fridays (if I'm lucky on a Thursday!) is my fave day becasue thats when US Weekly comes!

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

I love Budget Travel. Such a fun magazine to read!

Sara Christine said...

Ooo Budget Travel. I've never given it a good look through, but it sounds right up my alley. Love your favorite things!

elev8 said...

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