Engagement Love

More engagement photo shoot love. I love the easy going, laid back nature of these photos. Natural, relaxed, beautiful love!

P.S. If you see any other great engagement photo spreads on blogs, please send them my way, I'm all about collecting inspiration for our Springtime shoot!



Leslie said...

Oh, these are so lovely! What an exciting time for you. :)

Noodles and Waffles said...

Super cute pictures. I love your boots!

Keri said...

Love these pictures!
I am a bit of a blog stalker (in the least creepy way possible i promise), and I looove photography.
So when you asked for shoot ideas I was ready!
Here are some great websites to check out:



www.stylemepretty.com is a great site for everything wedding!

cant wait to see your pictures!!

Anonymous said...

Love these photos...

Nicole Marie said...

such a cute shoot!

kelli g. { bug miscellany } said...

these are adorable!

Ashlee Gadd said...

I am recently obsessed with these photographers:



Can't wait to see yours!

Kim said...

Check out all the photos on my friend Emily's site: http://gem-photo.com/ (also at http://emthegem.com/)