List Maker Extraordinaire

I am such a list maker. I can't help it! Maybe it's because I totally fit the stereotypical oldest child Type A profile. A personality some might like to call "neurotic," but I much prefer the term "hyper-organized."

Sometimes I think I make lists just so I have things to cross off, that's half the thrill, right? And this past weekend was personal feat for me because I crossed like 10 things off my to-do list. Okay well really it was only about 5, but you get the picture... Mind you, most of these things were mundane errands that wouldn't thrill any of you, depositing checks at bank, send thank you notes, blah, blah blah... But somehow, tracking these less-than-exciting "chores," in lists, seem awfully less chore-like when I'm able to check them off at the end. Am I the only crazy list maker out there? There's got to be more of you, right?...

P.S. I just downloaded a new t0-do list app which I absolutely love called toodle-do, which helps me convert my to-do list electronically. All my fellow hyper-organized peeps out there will iphones should definitely splurge on the $2.99 for this app. Love it!

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