Last Great Book I Read

For all you teachers out there, or aspiring teachers, parents, or those with a mild interest in education in the slightest - this book is for you! I received It's Not All Flowers and Sausages: My Adventures in Second Grade from my mom for Christmas.

This book is based off of the popular teaching blog of the same name. This book is a fast, easy read, and packed with quick-witted commentary as Ms. Mimi relays some of her behind the scenes experiences of teaching second grade. As a fellow second grade teacher, she had me laughing out loud in places. If you have any interest of education from the perspective of an educator - check it out!



Lindsay said...

Ohh thanks for sharing! I student taught second grade and I'm hoping that's where I end up. I'll definitely pick this one up!

marni zarr said...

what a fun read! my mom, dad, grandma and brother were, or are currently, teachers(i was too for a bit!). love this age... i will have to buy this book!!! :)