Cheers to a new year and new adventures that lie ahead! These are my goals for 2011.

  • Travel somewhere new (always the top of my list)
  • Join a yoga studio and go consistently
  • Take another sewing class
  • Dine at 25 new restaurants (new in that I've never been to them) more details on this goal to follow...
  • Throw a party at our house
  • Bake more
  • Make date night a weekly ritual
  • Pull off planning my wedding without getting too stressed out
What are your goals for the brand spanking new year?


heather{land} said...

Nice goals! I echo your yoga one...I got really into it last winter and fell out of it once the summer months hit. I need to get back into it!

... said...

I like your goal of trying 25 new restaurants. It's amazing how hard that is to do even over the course of a year. I look forward to hearing about your experiences.

Anonymous said...

I love the goals... and the fact that I found your blog! Cannot wait to keep reading.


Hannah Katy

Leslie said...

Those sound like good goals! I think trying different restaurants would be so much fun. 2011 will be such a great year for you with your engagement!

Carissa Thilgen said...

lovely goals! I especially like the one about dining at 25 new restaurants... around here, it's easy to go to the same old, same old. but whether it is going out to a fancy eatery or going to the local dive, there is something so EXCITING about trying a new place! or, at the very least, a new dish :)

good luck on accomplishing all your goals! they sound fun so that means they should hopefully be doable, yes? :) with resolutions, the funner, the better!

happy new year!

Vivian said...

Happy New Year, lovely Michelle!!

I love your goals for 2011, such an inspiring list. I'm still thinking about mine while snacking on conbini food... haha.

I'm sorry for my lack of comments lately, I'm sans internet but I do read every post!! Being in Osaka reminds me of you all the time, and all the fun we had around Namba.... I hope you come back sometime soon!


carolina @ patagonia gifts said...

love your goals. I'm with you about traveling somewhere new and throwing parties! happy 2011! xo Caroline

Anonymous said...

yoga??? i'm planning on going back to that studio you told me about when i'm in seattle in january. come with me! pretty soon you will be a yoga freak like me. haha.

LobotoME said...

those are great goals!