Persian Immersion

Remember the Persian Immersion cooking class I took last week? I forgot to tell you, earlier in the week, I recreated one of the dishes I learned in the cooking class at home. It was a success! I can cook Persian/Iranian cuisine, who knew? I made herbed meatballs with mast-o-khiar (a cucumber yogurt sauce), served with lavash, an Iranian flat bread (available at Trader Joes). The meal was healthy, pretty easy to make, and delicious!

My fiance was genuinely suprised and delighted I made meatballs for dinner, something I haven't been too fond of in the past, but I think the infusion of herbs (mint + Italian parsley) made the difference. The best part was, since I didn't end up using all of the ground beef in the meatballs, so last night I was able to polish it off in some quick burritos. Way to use all of my resources, huh?

P.S. Now that I've opened the door to Persian food, I've been perusing out other cooking blogs that feature this type of cuisine, one I'm really enjoying is My Persian Kitchen, check it out!



Diana Mieczan said...

Im really impressed! I always wanted to try cooking something like this..I think you inspired me to try it! Thanks, sweetie
Hugs and kisses

Laura said...

good for you! I've been weary of Persian food, at least making it myself! Just not something I'm used to and what if I dont' like it (picky eater alert!) but that sounds delish :)

Leslie said...

Wow! That's super impressive! :)

Melanie's Randomness said...

Ooo it looks good! I love seasonsed meatballs!! Good for you taking a cooking class! I want to do that soon! =)

Melanie's Randomness

Callie Grayson said...

It looks so good!