Wishing on a White Horse

Long ago, my mom's best friend taught my sisters and I how to wish upon a white horse.  Before she bestowed this knowledge upon us, I'd never ever before heard that white horses were lucky, but an intrigued child with plenty of banked wishes, I didn't question her logic.  We were fascinated, and listened carefully to her tutorial of how to wish upon a white horse.

* spot a white horse
* lick your thumb
* stamp your thumb in your open palm
* make your wish
* seal your wish by punching your opposite fist into your open palm
* wait for wish to come true

One thing I do know, it's definitely something I've never forgotten.  Learning this as a child was magical as it was such a strange, weird, and unique set of instructions to follow in order to cast a wish.  Yet regardless, ever since that day, I've found myself scanning the horizon on road trips in search of every white horses without any markings, splashes, or spots, eager to make that next wish.

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