Spook Season

October has arrived. Orange and black, ghosts and goblins will surely begin to surface within department stores within the day. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate, simply because it lends itself to such creative decorations. There is much fun to be had in creating a ghoulish, spooky ambiance of your home, yard, even classroom! My girl Martha Stewart never ceases to amaze me with her unending vault of creativity to aptly provide a fright and a boo on All Hallows Eve.

Had I a yard, I might attempt the ghostly pumpkin lantern walk. I love the orange glow illuminated from the intricate carvings. Although I have to say, I think the spidered door is my favorite, as the unofficial "spider killer" in my household growing up. Both of my sisters are arachnophobic, and would shriek my name every time they encountered a spider, regardless how tiny and minuscule he might have been.

Anyone have any favorite Halloween decorations or traditions to share?

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