On the House

Anyone ever tried these? I'm always a sucker for a clever wine label, and while these labels are not nearly as clever as they come, the simplified design does pose intrigue to me. Thus far, I've tried the original house (both red and wine), but I'm curious to sample the steak and fish varieties. Quite honestly, I've sampled these wines not for their impeccable flavor but for their price, and Ihave to say, not bad! In need of a quick, cheap table wine, reach for a House bottle. So, what'll it be? image/magnificent wine


karey m. said...

you know...i'm always drawn to good design. simple. almost remedial. throwback.

but sometimes, wine? i'm a bit more serious. i AM digging these, though...hmmm.

Caitlin said...

my boyfriend's last name is house, so of course we had to buy these just for the label! it was an added bonus that they're actually good. i've only had the red and white as well, i didn't know they made the other two. i'll definitely have to check those out!

Rachel said...

I almost always pick wines based on the label design. You would think more vineyards would invest money in hiring good designers.
I'm always glad to have a not too expensive label to trust - thanks for sharing!