Fall Goals

This past week and weekend was a busy one! Let me just say that trying to get adjusted to this getting dark at 7 business is no picnic. The realization that our hours of evening light are slowly dwindling is a depressing thought... Something that always pulls me out of a funk is to make lists...I am such a list maker. I often think I only make lists, just so I can cross items I've accomplished off. And I don't think I'm alone in doing this. Thus, here is my newest list; my goals for fall. 1. Start running again (I broke my pinky-toe of all bones in late August, and am finally approaching the time when I can run without pain - hooray!) 2. After I start my running regiment, participate in a 5 or 8K...or an even bigger goal - a half marathon! 3. Make more of an effort to make dinner instead of eating out or being lazy and just eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch & milk. 4. Try and leave my work at school...a teacher's day is never done. (I always bring my computer home to work on my next day/week's lesson plans, or papers to correct). 5. Take a vacation - which is perfect, as I already have a few weekend jaunts planned! image/flickr


Rachel said...

Oh, you are not alone. I make lists of things I have already done, just for the satisfaction of crossing them off.
A good list is a nice way to get started in a new season!

Grassyllama said...

yum- cinnamon toast crunch.

Our family's Fanconi Anemia Valentines Day 5K Run could be a stop on your road to a half marathon!

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

I love making lists too.
I should add your #3 to my list. I am always too lazy to cook.